Your Complete Cheat Sheet for Hassle-Free Camping with Kids


July 22, 2021

cheat sheet to camping with kids

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One of the best ways you can spend time with your kids is by going on a camping trip. Not only is it a low-cost holiday option, but it will also help them connect with nature. As a parent, making the camping trip as safe and fun as possible for your kids is a top goal. Here’s your complete cheat sheet to pulling off a fun (and hassle-free!) camping trip with your kids.

7 Top Tips For Camping With Kids

Planning is key when it comes to camping with kids. Just like any holiday there are some do’s and don’t’s. We have put together a quick cheat sheet with top tips for camping with kids to help you with the planning so you can relax and enjoy the experience when you arrive.

#1. Have A Practice Camping Experience

First Time Camping with Kids family tent

It can be tempting to go pack your bags and start your camping activity. However, if it is going to be your kids’ first time going camping, you may want to give it a practice run first. Start by pitching a tent in your backyard or let them watch videos about camping so they have an idea of what they can expect during the trip. Try to make them realise the skills they can learn during your trip.

This is also a great way for you to decide exactly what you will need and maybe more importantly, what you don’t need to pack!

#2. Keep Your Routine

Some parents often forego the routines they have set aside for their kids when they go for a holiday. That can be a mistake, particularly when camping. Plan your camping activities around their schedule.

If they take a nap at three in the afternoon, make sure they do so even while you’re out camping. If they have their dinner at six in the evening, have their meals ready by this time.

This way, you free yourselves from dealing with grumpy and irritable kids while you’re out and about.

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#3. Plan Activities In Advance

camping boy with fish Family friendly campsites in Ireland with activities

Many campsites offer different activities that your children can take part in, so depending on the routines that you have set for your kids they may be able to join in.

It’s also important to choose activities that your kids will enjoy. For example, horseback riding may obviously not be ideal if your kids are afraid of horses. In this case, it may be a better option to have them hike or join a campsite scavenger hunt instead.

Do a bit of planning before you go to see what else is available in the local area that you can do together as a family. Many campsites may offer bike or boat hire, leaving you free to explore at your own pace.

#4. Pack Some Outdoor Toys

While there may be tons of campsite activities that your child can join, it’s also important to allow them to play how they want during their downtime. Veer away from bringing digital toys or technology. Leave them at home, as they will be hard to charge anyway, and then that will not distract from the time spent outdoors. Opt for toys that will allow them to have fun under the sun, such as jump ropes and squirt guns.

#5. Go Over Camping Rules

Before you head away to the campsite make sure your kids are aware of the safety rules they need to adhere to. Make them aware of the consequences when they don’t follow the rules. Some of the reminders you can give them would be:

  • Not to go too far without a parent
  • Never approach animals, wild or domestic
  • Stay where you can be seen or tell your parents before you go anywhere
  • Don’t wander at night
  • Be very careful around campfires
  • Only go near water when there is an adult with you


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#6. Bring a First Aid Kit

Since you and your kids will explore the outdoors, it pays to be prepared. Bring a first aid kit so you can provide initial care to your kids should they scrape their knees when hiking or while exploring nature. Make sure it has enough bandages, tweezers, and ointments.

#7. Keep Things Organised

First Time Camping with Kids unpacking car

It may be tempting to bring everything that you see at home to make sure that you will stay comfortable during the camping trip. However, you have to keep things organised. Bring only the essentials.

Make sure you are prepared for the journey to the campsite, that your Diono car seat is set up correctly, that you have snacks and drinks, and some games to play during the trip.

Now that you know how to beat the camping stress, enjoy some time with the kids planning where to go on your camping adventure and what you are going to do together when you get there!

Your Complete Cheat Sheet for Hassle-Free Camping with Kids

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