These Are the Best States for Camping – and There’s a Surprising Winner!

Jill Holtz

September 3, 2020

best states for camping

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If you are considering a camping or RV vacation then there are plenty of destinations across the US to choose from, with stunning national parks and campsites galore from east coast to west – but which are the best states for camping? Read on to find out, and see which state came out on top!

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Camping with the kids can be a very cost-effective holiday – it’s cheaper than hotel accommodation, plus you get the benefit of being outdoors and enjoying fine scenery, literally on your tent or camper van’s doorstep.

With tons of campsite options available across the US, we were interested in a recent ranking created by InsureMyTrip of the best states for camping.

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What Are the Best States for Camping?

InsureMyTrip created a camping index ranking for each State using factors that help create a positive camping experience.

They looked at 4 different types of rankings:

  1. Best States for Camping Overall
  2. Best States for Woodland Camping
  3. Most Convenient States for Camping, and
  4. Safest States for Camping.

And, surprisingly, it’s the smallest state in the Union that ends up topping most of the categories – Rhode Island!

Best U.S. States for Camping Overall

InsureMyTrip scored the best states for camping overall based on 9 different criteria from the number of National Parks per 1,000 sq. mile to internet access to safety. These states are:

1. Rhode Island
2. Utah
3. Maryland
4. New Hampshire
5. New Mexico
6. Minnesota
7. Colorado
8. South Carolina
9. Texas
10. Vermont

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Best U.S. States for Woodland Camping

Two girls in a tent for camping with kids

They also analysed where was best for woodland camping, based on national parks per 1,000 sq. miles, species diversity and forest coverage in the State. The states that have the best options are:

1. Massachusetts
2. Maryland
3. Rhode Island
4. New Jersey
5. Virginia
6. Alabama
7. New York
8. West Virginia
9. California
10. South Carolina

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Most Convenient States for Camping

For those new to camping, then a more convenient option can be easier, for example places where you can be guaranteed better weather or good internet access.

The criteria used for this ranking were campsite quality, rainfall, internet access, and also fuel prices in the state. The most convenient States were:

1. Utah
2. Minnesota
3. Rhode Island
4. New Hampshire
5. Idaho
6. Colorado
7. South Carolina
8. Oklahoma
9. Missouri
10. Arkansas

rv campsite playground

Safest States for Camping

In this category, the top states were deemed safest based on the number of accidents and number of crimes:

1. Rhode Island
2. Kansas
3. Nebraska
4. Iowa
5. Illinois
6. Vermont
7. New Hampshire
8. Connecticut
9. South Carolina
10. North Dakota

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Have your say! Are you a camping family? Have you camped in any of the States that came top on these lists? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

These Are the Best States for Camping – and There's a Surprising Winner! - Mykidstime

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