Tips for Making Your Kids Garden a Fun Place to Be

Jill Holtz

January 30, 2015

kids garden

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Children are natural gardeners because they are curious, like to learn by doing, and love to play in the dirt. Gardening also gets them outdoors, exercising and ensure plenty of rosy cheeks too, so a win-win! Even if you don’t have green fingers yourself you can still encourage your children to enjoy gardening. Here are tips for making your kids garden a fun place to be:

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kids garden

#1. Give Each Child a Growing Patch

Let each child have their own patch where they can sow seeds. Encourage them to plant bright, colorful flowers and quick-growing vegetables like cress and peas to keep them interested.

egg cresshead#2. Make a Grass Head or a Cress Head

Growing a grass head is fun because the kids can watch the “hair” grow and also decorate their grass head as they wish. Or try our fun Eggy Cresshead project!

#3. Use the Garden to Encourage Wildlife

Bees, butterflies and ladybirds are great insects to attract because they help pollinate flowers and keep pests at bay. Here are instructions for the best plants for a butterfly garden.

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#4. Plant Edible Things

Planting things to eat is great for kids to do as they enjoy harvesting their efforts (plus it encourages them to eat veg!). Plant easy to grow things like cress, rocket leaves, snap peas.

Here are more tips on growing vegetables and you might enjoy growing a pizza garden!

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#5. Sow Your Child’s Name in Seeds

Sowing your child’s name with flower or rocket seeds is a fun project. Some flower packets come ready with the tape with seeds embedded so all you need to do is cut and shape the letters.

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#6. Let Kids do the Watering

Put their wellies on, hand over the watering can and/or hose and let them go… They love it!

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sunflower#7. Grow Sunflowers

Sunflowers are a popular choice for a kids garden project because they grow quickly and they grow tall.

Plus kids enjoy their bright yellow and orange leaves.

Here are tips on how to grow sunflowers successfully.

#8. Measure Things As They Grow

As well as sunflowers, peas and beans are great plants as they grow tall and up quickly and it can be fun to go out and measure them every week and make a note of progress too.

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#9. Don’t Forget our Feathered Friends

It can be fun to make a home made bird feeder and then do some bird watching as your visitors come. Of course you might get the pesky variety who are after your strawberries or other garden treats, so you might also need to make a scarecrow!

#10. Show Off Their Work

Show off the children’s patches and plants to any visitors you have. (This isn’t just boasting about your child’s ability it helps your child if they know you are proud!)

If they live away from grandparents why not encourage your child to take a picture or a short video clip of their patch to show Grandpa and Grandma.

Highlighting the good work they are doing helps them to be motivated and keep involved with the garden.

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Have you got any tips for making your kids garden a fun place?  Share them with us in the comments below

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