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Jill Holtz

October 23, 2014

Science for kids

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We had a great time talking on Twitter about science for kids #mykidsscience. Kids can have so much fun with science from Kitchen Chemistry to exploring the world around us. Governments around the world are investing in STEM education (Science, technology, engineering and maths) and getting your child interested in science and how things work from an early age can be really beneficial in later years as well as being loads of fun! Here are some of the science for kids handy links that people shared:

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Our host on the night was Naomi from Dr How’s Science Wows, a fantastic blog all about kids and science, with fun experiments and tips for answering your child’s science questions.

Many parents find it hard to answer their child’s science questions, so the right toys & resources can make science playful and easier for kids and adults alike.

Science for Kids – Links & Resources

Science Experiments for Kids

Here are some fun science experiment videos to try at home:

Apps for Kids

Apps can be fun for exploring science with kids – here are 10 free science apps for kids.


Additional Links & Resources

Science for kids Two little boys doing biochemistry research

Thoughts on Kids and Science

“Hands on is the key to making it exciting and easy to learn”

“Kids learn best by doing, so let them get stuck in”

Paige & Paxton recommend science storybooks and activities because “Storytelling is how we learn best as human beings and and books can be great for kids to pick up themselves. Plus, storybooks are also usually a more popular toy with girls. Important to note if we want girls in #STEM.”

“Asking questions – one of the important characteristics of being a scientist that should be fostered in all kids!”

“If you want to be a good scientist look at life through the eyes of a child”

“Don’t forget the value of drawing and observation in the sciences. Hand mind and heart.”

“Every toddler is a scientist: curious, experimenting, learning, trying again! Scientists kept their curiosity (giant kids!)”

“The questions are way more important than the answers you could argue. To keep questioning.”

“If we ran out of questions we would run out of science :) ”

“And that question asking is what makes them super scientists!”

“It’s good to let kids know even very clever scientists don’t have all answers! But they keep asking Qs”

“There was a quiz on the radio this morning, question about Titanic, I had to explain all about icebergs. My son was fascinated.”

“My OH asked me how to define science for kids; I said it’s everywhere & everything because that’s how kids see it, everywhere and everything :) ”

“A scientist is an explorer, sometimes you find answers, sometimes you don’t! But it’s fun to try!”

“We walked in the woods today and my friend had a list of things the kids had to find. My 3 yr old learnt loads”

What kind of everyday events inspire you or your child to ask question or talk about science and Nature?

“Too often people underestimate kids abilities to understand”

Deirdre Kelleghan ‏@skysketcher recommended “getting involved with the Faulkestel Telescope @faulkestel even young kids can be inspired by interaction.”

Interesting article here from the Daily Telegraph about Imperial College giving lessons on science to kids.

Some Science Events around Ireland

The Galway Science and Tech Festival  @GalwayScienceFe takes place in November as does Science Week with events in Cork, Galway, Midlands, Sligo, Limerick, Waterford etc

The Festival of Curiosity also has fun family science events

DPSM Activities also ‏suggested “Visit a Discover Centre

Check out the hashtag #mykidsscience on Twitter to see the whole conversation!

If you’ve got any more suggestions or want to share ideas on getting kids excited about science please share them with us in the comments below.

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