10 Games to Play on the Trampoline Guaranteed to Make the Kids Giggle

Kellie Kearney

May 21, 2018

games to play on the trampoline

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I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of trampolines. However, we recently discovered one of our girls is hypermobile and it’s been a lifesaver ever since. From dusk to dawn she’s jumping, tumbling and burning off all that excess energy that comes hand in hand with toddlerhood while building up muscle strength in her ankles and legs. Here are 10 Games to Play on the Trampoline Guaranteed to Make the Kids Giggle:

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Trampoline Safety Tips

how to clean a trampoline

When it comes to trampolines safety comes first. Trampoline accidents happen but there are many ways of helping to prevent them:

  • Always use safety nets and pads and check them regularly to make sure they are in working order.
  • Make sure the surface the trampoline sits on and the springs underneath the padding are in good order.
  • When the trampoline is not in use make sure the ladder is removed and the entrance is closed shut. I normally place the ladder inside the trampoline and clip it shut.
  • Having experienced a nasty fall from a trampoline (because I didn’t do the above after I removed the children from it) I know firsthand the dangers they can pose. Try to place trampolines at ground level and make sure it’s a safe distance away from trees, walls, poles or any object children could bump into.
  • Never leave a child on a trampoline unsupervised.
  • Never allow too many children on a trampoline.

Now that we’ve got the safety stuff sorted, here are some fun games to play on the trampoline this summer:

#1. Simon Says

An epic old-school game especially when you are Simon. Just in case you have forgotten how to play, one person is Simon and they have to shout out instructions for the others to follow. Get them to do silly faces, jumping jacks and touch their toes with their nose. You’ll be non-stop laughing.

#2. Dodgeball

One of our favourite trampoline games. We use a small softball. One person throws the ball to try and bounce if off someone else as they try to dodge it! There’s nothing like seeing smallies running wild dodging the ball. It’s great for hand-eye coordination and balance too.

boy jumping on trampoline

#3. Chalk Games

Grab a box of non-toxic chalk next time you’re passing the Euro Shop or Dealz. Let them go wild and leave the trampoline all the colours of the rainbow. Rain simply washes it away or grab the garden hose.

Tip: If you leave the kids on the trampoline when you hose it, you might just get away without bathing them that evening.

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#4. Marco Polo

You will need at least three people for this game and a scarf or blindfold. One person sits in the middle and with their eyes covered. The other children spread out on the trampoline, quietly. The centre person then counts to ten and then has to try to find the others, a little like hide and seek. If the centre person yells out “Marco”, then the others must yell out “Polo”. Once caught you’re out.

#5. Balloons

Another favourite here whatever the weather. Blow up some balloons and fill the trampoline and let them pop, kick and bounce to their heart’s content.

Environmental Tip: Do not use helium. The balloons will most likely just fly away and end up in the ocean. Consider purchasing biodegradable balloons.

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#6. Musical Statues

A favourite game with little kids. Get the tunes pumping and the kids moving. Children dance around while the music plays and must stand still as statues when the music stops playing. Anyone seen moving after the music has stopped is out.

Tip: With smaller kids rather than eliminate them, get them to dance in a different area of the trampoline.

trampoline kids

#7. Badminton

You don’t necessarily need a racket and a shuttlecock to play your own very of badminton. One child remains in the trampoline and another stands outside. Grab a ball, balloon or even an old teddy and try to keep it up in the air for as long as possible passing back and forth.

Safety Tip: Remove the ladder so the child on the outside doesn’t trip over it.

#8. Bubbles

Grab the bubbles and let the kids pop them whilst running around the trampoline. For bonus points pick up a battery powered bubble blower and put it on max speed.

Safety Tip: Make sure to give the trampoline a little wipe down afterwards to prevent any slips and falls.

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#9. Hot Potato

Gather the kids together with a ball. The ball has to be passed around the trampoline while the kids jump. They can’t hold the ball for more than two seconds and it must always be in motion throwing from hand to hand as if it’s a hot potato. If someone drops the ball or holds it too long, they’re out. The last child with the ball wins.

#10. Trampoline Twister

Great idea from Family Days Tried and Tested – Trampoline Twister! Perfect for bigger kids and hours of fun as the balancing becomes even trickier when there’s a bit of bounce. Grab some coloured chalk and create your own game of twister on the trampoline and the best bit, it will wash off in the rain.

trampoline twister

Image courtesy of Family Days Tried and Tested

Over to you now. Do you have any recommendations for fun games to play on the trampoline with the kids? Tell us in the comments below. 

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