10 Galoshingly Good Outdoor Rainy Day Activities for Kids


February 19, 2020

outdoor rainy day activities for kids

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Living in the West of Ireland we are well used to the rain! I have long ago learned not to let it stop us having fun outdoors! So grab your rain gear and head outside for some Galoshingly-Good Outdoor Rainy Day Activities for Kids. Guaranteed to cure even the most rotten dose of cabin fever!

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Don’t let the rain stop you getting out and about for some fun outdoor rainy day activities. Just get everyone into rain gear and head outdoors to enjoy some rainy day fun!

Outdoor Rainy Day Activities for Kids

#1. Go On A Creature Hunt

ladybird outdoor rainy day activities look for bugs

Wriggly worms, slugs and snails all come out in the rain. Why not hunt for some and have some races! Or see if you can find any frogs or toads.

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#2. Make Your Own Rain Gauge

Measure how much rain has fallen during a certain time period by creating your very own rain gauge from a plastic 2ltr bottle.

  • You will need to cut the top off the bottle and place the cut off top upside down in the bottle. This acts as a funnel for the rain water.
  • Mark the heights with duct tape by holding your ruler against the bottle and placing the duct tape every 5 cm.
  • Once the rain has stopped, you can find out how much has fallen!

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#3. Have Fun Puddle Jumping

outdoor rainy day activities boy jumping in puddle

Children, and sometimes parents, love to jump in puddles, so make like Peppa Pig and find some muddy puddles!

Have a race by using the puddles as a course and jumping from one to other to complete. Or jump over them instead. You could time it for older kids for real outdoor fun.

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#4. Create an Outdoor Obstacle Course

Create a water filled obstacle course.

  • Use slippy grass for skidding and sliding activities.
  • Fill basins with water as a stepping stone obstacle.
  • Throw water filled balloons at each other or into a bucket, without bursting!
  • Run the gauntlet of wet sponges or if you have a water pistol each person has to run past a line of people throwing or shooting, how wet will you get?

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#5. Make an Outdoor Tent

umbrella rainy day activities

Use a large umbrella, two garden chairs and a rain poncho to create a secret hideaway from the rain.

Place the chairs back to back and place the umbrella between them and secure. Add the rain poncho over the top and your tent is complete.

Alternatively use a paddling pool, turned upside down resting on the backs of the garden chairs.

#6. Go Swimming in the Rain

You are going to get wet anyway so why not put on the wet suits and head off to your favourite swimming spot? Leave the towels in the car to keep them dry, and be sure to pack a flask of hot chocolate for the brave swimmers to enjoy afterwards.

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#7. Have Fun Rain Races

Rainy day leaves in puddle

Get your floating boats or toys from the bath and race them in puddles or rivers created along the gutters – see whose toy wins.

If you don’t have any floating toys use twigs or leaves and have pooh-stick races.

Or race raindrops – each child picks a raindrop on a window and see which one gets to bottom first.

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#8. Make Mud Pies

Find a corner of the garden where the earth is soft and let the children make some “delicious” mud pies using buckets and spades. They can decorate with twigs, and stones and have a mud pie party when done.

Top Tip: Be sure to have a bath ready for the mucky gardeners when finished.

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#9. Paint a Picture

Water ColourDid you know you could paint outdoors?! Use a paper plate or a piece of card, sprinkle with different coloured powdered paint and take it outside to allow the rain to work it’s magic!

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#10. Create Rainbows

Use pavement chalk to draw your very own rainbow. See if the colours mix in the rain! When you have finished check out the sky to see if you can find any rainbows there too.

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Have your say! Any favourite outdoor rainy day activities your kids love? Share them with us in the comments below.

10 Galoshingly Good Outdoor Rainy Day Activities for Kids

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