Five Cheap and Easy to Make Ideas for Kids Halloween Costumes

Jill Holtz

October 17, 2016

ideas for kids halloween costumes

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Halloween is just around the corner, and it is time to think of fun Halloween costume ideas for kids! Not everyone can afford to buy brand new costumes, and when I was a child, we made our own costumes every year! Here are five cheap and easy to make ideas for kids halloween costumes, the perfect way to celebrate the spookiest night of the year and stay within budget too. So enjoy creating, having a great time with your kids this Halloween and maybe even scare one or two people!

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#1. An Artist

This is one of the easiest and the cheapest Halloween costume ideas ever. All you need is

  • an oversized white t-shirt
  • dark trousers or leggings
  • a beret and
  • an artist’s palette. If you don’t have a palette – then just use a simple cardboard box lid cut in the shape of a palette, with a few colorful spots painted on it.

For the finishing touch, add a small black moustache on your child’s face. Eh bien, un artist francais!

Ideas for kids halloween costumes artists palette

Image credit All Kids Network

#2. A Cat

We used this Halloween costume idea two years in a row as it was so easy to create. All you need for this costume is:

  • black clothing – black trousers or leggings and a black hoodie
  • a pair of black socks or tights
  • black paint
  • some cardboard or a box
  • black facepaint


  1. Paint cardboard or part of the box with black paint. After it dries cut out two triangles which will make the cat’s ears. Attach the ears to the top of the hood, either with small pieces of duct tape or with hot glue. If you don’t have a hoody you can use a black hairband and glue or tape the ears on.
  2. For the tail, stuff a black sock or leg of a pair of black tights with cotton wool or stuffing.
  3. With the black facepaint, draw some whiskers on your child’s face, and hey presto, you have a little black cat!

Ideas for kids halloween costumes cat costume

Image from Pinterest

#3. A Mummy

A Halloween Mummy is a super easy costume idea for a child. You can use toilet paper, bandages or we like this tutorial video which uses white material torn into strips and tea bags to make the very convincing yet cute mummy costume.

#4. LEGO

A carton box, some paint, and a few cups are all you need to transform your little bundle of joy into a LEGO for Halloween. And it works for many different ages too!

Not only is it an inexpensive costume, but kids (especially Lego fans) love to wear it because it is colorful and fun as well.

You could make one for everyone in the family going trick or treating and be a family of LEGO!

Ideas for kids halloween costumes lego costume

Image credit

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#5. Spaghetti and Meatballs

This costume needs a little more effort but it’s so cute it is worth it!

You will need

  • a red-checked tablecloth (or fabric)
  • a ball of white wool and scissors
  • a paper plate preferably the sturdier thicker kind or a plastic one
  • styrofoam balls
  • red and brown acrylic paint
  • glue
  • a small lightweight pot
  • some elastic or string


  1. Cut a hole for the head in the centre of the tablecloth or fabric square so it can be worn like a poncho.
  2. Cut the wool into spaghetti length pieces and glue them onto the paper plate in bunches and swirls like spaghetti.
  3. Paint the Styrofoam balls (e.g. 8 of them) with brown acrylic paint so they look like meatballs. When they are dry, glue some balls to the top of your spaghetti on the plate.
  4. Mix some brown and red paint for the “tomato sauce”, drip it over meatballs & spaghetti and smear a little on the side of the pot.
  5. Glue the plate to the front of the tablecloth.
  6. Glue remaining meatballs randomly to the tablecloth.
  7. Glue some strands of the wool to the pot “hat.” and tie the pot under the chin if needed to keep it on your child’s head.

Ideas for kids halloween costumes spaghetti meatballs costume

Image credit

And if you really can’t be bothered making…

Those are just five ideas for quick and cheap Halloween costumes that are pretty easy to do and require just a little effort. But if making costumes really isn’t your bag, then look online to buy one – you can find some great sales at now, and if you add a discount coupon from you will save even more.

Hope you have a fantastic Halloween and that your child has a ball!

Over to you now! What’s your tip for a quick and easy Halloween costume you can make for children? Tell us in the comments below. 

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