99 Entertaining Ideas to Combat “I’m Bored” this Summer


July 6, 2019

99 entertaining ideas for combatting i'm bored this summer

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Do you find the long summer holidays a real juggling act? Are you constantly met with the refrain “I’m Bored”? Help is at hand with these 99 entertaining ideas to combat I’m bored this summer, no matter what age your children are. All you need is a box or jar and our free downloadable ideas sheet!

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We were only one wet week into the summer holidays and my girls were already telling me they were bored. So I came up with a novel way to combat their moans. We created an ideas box

We sat down and came up with a list of ideas for things that either they could do on their own or that we could do together, and I threw in a few household chores for good measure.

Then I made them into a handy, printable list, so you can make your own I’m Bored Box this summer!

Entertaining Ideas to Combat “I’m Bored” this Summer

How to create your own “I’m Bored” Box

  1. You will need 1 empty tissue box. You could also use a mason jar, just make sure it’s big enough for little hands to reach into. Get your kids to decorate the box.
  2. Download and print out out the 99 entertaining ideas to combat I’m bored
  3. Use scissors to cut them into individual ideas
  4. Add the ideas to the I’m Bored Box (or jar)

And you’re all set. Every time a child utters the magic words, “I’m Bored”, they have to pick an idea from the box and do whatever it says.

With everything from cleaning bedrooms to going for a walk or learning a magic trick to baking fairy cakes on offer, they won’t be bored for long!

Here’s our full list of ideas and of course you could add your own!

  1. Bake fairy cakes
  2. Draw a picture of your favourite animal
  3. Learn how to say Hello in 10 languages
  4. Make a suncatcher
  5. Make slime
  6. Write a story about an astronaut
  7. Bike or scoot
  8. Play a board game
  9. Put on a show
  10. Learn a magic trick
  11. Make playdough
  12. Vacuum your room
  13. Clean the windows
  14. Read a book
  15. Make pizza
  16. Crazy dance for 10 minutes
  17. Do some chalk drawings
  18. Have a picnic in the garden
  19. Make s’mores
  20. Paint a picture
  21. Try knitting something
  22. Do a cartwheel or handstand
  23. Load / unload the dishwasher
  24. Change your bedlinen
  25. Make banana bread
  26. Do some crafts
  27. Call a friend
  28. Make a fortune teller
  29. Make a smoothie
  30. Draw a cartoon
  31. Go on a treasure hunt
  32. Do some origami
  33. Make cookies
  34. Make ice-pops
  35. Do 100 star jumps
  36. Put up the tent in the garden
  37. Create an obstacle course
  38. 1 hour of TV
  39. Cook dinner for the family
  40. Wash the car
  41. Water the plants
  42. Clean the bathroom
  43. Do a chore chosen by you
  44. Do a puzzle (e.g. a crossword or word search)
  45. Do a chore chosen by Mum or Dad
  46. Write a Haiku
  47. Do a jigsaw
  48. Make popcorn
  49. Watch your favourite film
  50. Research your family tree
  51. Take the dog for a walk (or your friend’s dog)
  52. Eat a new food
  53. Play skittles
  54. Create a collage
  55. Make an omelette
  56. Lay the table for the next meal
  57. Make jam
  58. Make a video
  59. Learn a new recipe
  60. Create a home spa
  61. Play hide and seek
  62. Play hunt the thimble
  63. Go on a scavenger hunt
  64. Sort out your cuddly toys
  65. Think of 5 things you could do
  66. Tidy your room
  67. Sort out your books
  68. Pick 3 things to give to the charity shop
  69. Make bubble mix and then make bubbles
  70. Practice an instrument
  71. Learn some Spanish phrases
  72. Draw a self portrait
  73. Pick 3 books you no longer read to pass on
  74. Jump rope for 2 whole minutes
  75. Play a card game
  76. Make a fort
  77. Build a Lego creation
  78. Learn some new jokes
  79. Recreate a famous painting
  80. Learn a card trick
  81. Play a game of Solitaire
  82. Plant some seeds
  83. Create your own mocktail
  84. Make ice cream
  85. Make an insect hotel
  86. Play a ball game
  87. Make a themed music playlist
  88. Do some weeding in the garden
  89. Have a disco
  90. Make garden perfume
  91. Plan a round the world trip
  92. Take 10 photos of interesting objects
  93. Learn to juggle
  94. Sharpen all your pencils
  95. Be active for 20 minutes
  96. Write a letter to a friend or family member
  97. Make a dominoes or marble run
  98. Build a castle out of playing cards
  99. Play pick up sticks

And if you need even more boredom busting ideas:

Have your say! If you have any more ideas you think should go on our I’m Bored box List, please do share them with us in the comments box below. 

99 entertaining ideas for combatting i'm bored this summer

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