Adorable Mother’s Day Crafts You’ll Be Thrilled to Receive

Jill Holtz

February 20, 2020

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Homemade Mother’s Day gifts really are the sweetest to receive as they have been handmade with love. If your child (or their Dad!) needs a steer on something to make for Mother’s Day, then these adorable Mother’s Day Crafts might be just the ticket.

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There’s something so sweet about your child handing you a homemade gift on Mother’s Day, they are so proud and their slightly wonky efforts are always adorable.

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Adorable Mother’s Day Crafts

#1. Photo Flowers

Homemade Mother Day Crafts

These photo flowers are very easy to make, so little hands don’t get frustrated when trying to express their love for you. They will also enjoy drawing and carefully cutting out the flowers and sticking the photos on.

#2. Mother’s Day Rosette

Mother's Day Crafts

Image: Chica Circle

Isn’t this a nice idea? A special rosette to award to best Grandma ever (or could be one for a Mum too!). You’ll find full instructions to make the best grandma ever rosette and a free Mother’s Day printable on the Chica Circle website.

A glue gun and the paper cutter will make the project go faster but you could improvise and do this by hand.

#3. Encrusted Tea Light Holders

Mother's Day crafts

Image: Crafts By Amanda

Aren’t these pretty? Crafts by Amanda has the instructions for making these cool encrusted tea light holders. The process also works if they want to make you a sweet or money jar. Although this craft was originally for a wedding, we think they would make a sweet Mother’s Day present too.

#4.  I Love You This Much Card

mother's day crafts

Image: Lauren Maxilom, Pinterest

To make these adorable “I Love You This Much” hand card, trace your child’s hand twice and cut out the hands. Fold a strip of paper accordion style. Write the words “This Much” on the strip of paper and “I Love You” on the hands. Stick the “hands” to the accordion strip and your child will be ready to present their unique card.

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#5. Flower Pots

Mother's Day Crafts flower pots


Decorate a flower pot and either plant some flower seeds in it, or buy a small flowering plant to go in it. You’ll find instructions for this sweet Mother’s Day craft on the Family Education website.

#6. 3D Flowers

mother's day crafts

Mother’s Day crafts don’t get much more creative than this! These 3D flowers have the personalised touch of having your child’s hand holding them and they can make your favourite flowers too. There’s so much room for imagination with this craft.

#7. DIY Candle

Mother's Day Crafts

This Mother’s Day craft is a great one for your older children to do with the supervision of an adult. The colourful DIY candle from the Pinning Mama is excellent for reusing old crayons you have laying around the house.

#8. Fingerprint Love Hearts

mother's day crafts

Image: A Girl and A Glue Gun

We love these gorgeous fingerprint love heart keyrings from the website A Girl and a Glue Gun. A perfect craft for Dads to do with the kids as they will need some help in the kitchen baking the love hearts and getting their fingerprint to show up.

#9. A Tale of My Mummother's day crafts

Let your child loose and see how well they know you with our free downloadable Mother’s Day sheet. We definitely don’t take any responsibility for cheeky answers about your age or what makes you happy (Mum how do you spell wine?). But it will sure to give you a giggle and some heartwarming moments.

#10. Origami Roses

This is a beautiful craft if you have kids of all different ages, they can watch the YouTube tutorial which takes you step by step on how to make these sweet red roses. Origami is tricky but with practice and persistence, it is a worthwhile Mother’s Day craft they’ll be so proud of.

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Have your say! Do you have any suggestions for other Mother’s Day Crafts? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Adorable Mother's Day Crafts You'll Be Thrilled To Receive

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