8 Fun and Easy Autumn Activities for Preschoolers

Amy Louise

October 20, 2020

autumn activities for preschoolers - Mykidstime

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As leaves start to fall and conkers drop from the trees, Autumn’s a great season for getting active and creative with the kids. If you’re looking for seasonal art projects for kids, or outdoor activities with nature, here are some Fun Autumn Activities for Preschoolers.

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The Autumnal sights, sounds, smells and nature finds offer lots of inspiration. From painting and creating to exploring and discovering – we love these fun Autumn activities which are suitable for even the youngest of children.

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Quick and Easy Autumn Activities

Go On an Autumn Walk

An Autumn walk is great way to see and explore what this great season has to offer. It also provides a great opportunity for learning, fun and exercise, so wrap up warm and get outdoors.

  1. Get your carrier bags/baskets and venture outdoors (no matter what the weather), to see what beautiful changes this season has to offer.
  2. Collect Autumn leaves, twigs, conkers, acorns, pine cones (these will come in useful for some of the activities mentioned below too).
  3. Encourage your little ones to explore freely, to touch, to smell, to see.
  4. Point out any interesting things along your way – spider webs covered in dew, mushrooms, squirrels foraging for food, droplets sitting on the nature bed
  5. Take some photos to look at when you return home.

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Make Autumn Playdough

Autumn playdough

Homemade playdough is great for developing fine motor skills – it is easy and fun to make in your own home too at very little cost and with ingredients you will have on hand.

Offer a range of Autumn themes and coloured media that your little one can freely add to the dough, to alter the texture and appearance. Examples include conkers, twigs, pasta etc.

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Read an Autumn Story

The Percy the Park Keeper series by Nick Butterworth is a well loved set, and After the Storm in particular is great for Autumn!

The story includes animals such as squirrels, hedgehogs, moles and badgers. The weather is on the turn, trees are blowing down in the blustery winds, leaves are dancing around on the pavements – it’s a busy time for Percy.

Who knows – you may even see similar things happening on your Autumn walks? You could also take a trip to the library to see what other Autumn-related books you can find.

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Try Some Conker Marble Painting

autumn activities for preschoolers

The shiny, brown conkers you have collected are great for offering an alternative to marble painting.

Dip them in paint in a selection of fabulous Autumn colours and then roll them around, creating patterns as they go – there you have conker marble painting!

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Make a Leaf Collage

autumn activities for preschoolers

This is a fun activity to let the children stick what they have collected on their Autumn walks onto paper, and turn them into art. For your Autumn leaf sticking, all you need are glue and paper – and then get creative!

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Make Leaf Prints

autumn activities for preschoolers

Leaf prints are a great way to continue to enjoy the Autumn leaves.

  1. Dip your leaves/leaf sponges in ‘Autumn Coloured’ Paint, like green, brown, yellow, red and orange.
  2. Watch as the colours mix together.
  3. As well as making some lovely pictures, you can cut out the leaves, and use as Autumn decorations around your home!

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Make Autumn Decorations

autumn activities for preschoolers

Get creative at making some nature features and Autumn decorations for your home, using objects you have collected on your Autumn walks.

  1. Gather some twigs, conkers and pine cones along with some Autumn Decorations from the shops.
  2. Use some of the conkers and pine cones to hold the twigs in place.
  3. You can also decorate with your cut-out leaf prints
  4. Finish off with fairy lights, for extra sparkle!

Play Conker Toss

autumn activities for preschoolers

Everybody loves a game of conker toss, and this also makes a fun Halloween game.

  1. Select a range of containers, place them at different distances and see how many conkers you can successful throw into the containers.
  2. Label your containers up (the smaller ones and the ones furthest away give a higher number) and take it in turns to toss your conkers and see who can get the highest score.

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8 Fun Autumn Activities for Preschoolers - Mykidstime

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