8 Simple Craft Ideas For Kids That Will Amuse Preschoolers


April 28, 2015

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Looking for craft ideas for younger kids? From popsicle flowers to colourful wind catchers, here are 8 Simple Craft Ideas for Kids, that will Amuse Preschoolers. They will most likely need help and supervision, but by the end of it, you should have some colourful finished arts and crafts to treasure.

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1. Polka Dot Tulips

Toddler ApprovedNow that Spring is well and truly here why not bring some colourful flower ideas to play time with your kids. It helps them appreciate the time of year and that flowers appear now too.

These easy to follow instructions from Toddler Approved to create their own Polka Dot Tulips will keep them entertained for ages.

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2. Watercolour Coffee Filter Flowers

coffee-filter-flowers-for-kidsSticking with the flower theme here are some flowers made simply from coffee filters that are painted or dyed.

Hands on as we grow explains how it was done with their children being hands on so maybe you can expect the same. The kids will love seeing the finished result looking like pretty flowers, which would make the perfect homemade present for mum, sister, auntie, granny or teacher.

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3. Craftstick flowers

Craftstick flowersSee what we did today share these easy to make popsicle stick flowers.

Worth buying a bag of popsicle sticks from your local craft store to have at home for arts and crafts. Alternatively, if you’re all out of sticks, treat yourselves to some ice-pops to generate your own! You don’t need too many sticks for this activity, and with just some paint and glue, you can make some cute flowers.

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4. Rainbow Crayon

Rainbow crayonThis is a really fun idea and can be used for varying ages – depending how big, or how many you make.

The simple to follow tutorial from Not Just a Housewife talks you through each step and how to get the children involved sorting (and learning) the different colours.

Plus when its finished they can enjoy using it or maybe give to their friend as a gift.

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5. Rainbow Wind Catchers

Rainbow wind catchersStaying with rainbows, here is a colourful idea from A Pretty Cool Life.

Using crepe paper, paper plates and a lick of paint these pretty wind catchers will not only entertain your child whilst making them, but they will also add a bit of colour wherever you decide to hang them. They are perfect for teaching your kids the colours of the rainbow too.

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6. Spelling Balloon Game

Spelling balloon gameLittle Family Fun has this great idea to incorporate crafts and play with learning so it’s a win-win for you and your child.

Simply trace and cut out 26 circles – or 52 if you want to use capital letters too – then write a letter of the alphabet on each. Using coloured paper makes it more fun too. You could use the letters for your child to learn the ABC or even spelling short words.

7. Handprint Lambs

handprint lambsYour kids will see the lambs in the fields at this time of year so now they can recreate them at home using packing peanuts and their own handprints.

The instructions from Mama’s Little Muse are easy to follow – you just need some packing peanuts (or cotton wool balls will do) some paper, paint, glue and don’t forget your child’s hand.

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8. Paper Plate Lion

paperplateLionDanielle’s Place of Crafts and Activities has this great idea for creating a lion just using paper plates, paper, paint, pipe cleaners and glue.

Your child can join in with the painting and tracing then glueing all the “fur” on. It’s a fun idea which also teaches your child about animals and of course their “roar”.

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Over to you – let us know any craft ideas for preschoolers that you have in the comments below.

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