33 Brilliantly Fun and Engaging Projects for Kids Aged 8-12

Jill Holtz

July 6, 2020

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Are you fed up of hearing “I’m bored” from your older child? This list of fun projects for kids aged 8-12 will keep them busy, learning and developing new skills.

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Here are 33 ideas for fun projects for tweens, and if you run out of ideas then you might also like 21 More Fun Projects for Kids aged 8-12.

Super Fun Projects For Kids

#1. Cook Dinner

Plan a 3 course meal and cook dinner for the family. Check our Food & Recipes section for loads of recipe ideas.

#2. Build a Card House

Can you reach 4 or more levels of your card house? Check out this video showing a cool card house technique!

#3. Try some Photography


Use your phone or camera to take a series of photos. Pick a theme, e.g. colour or shape, and take a series of photos. You could then try your hand at editing, displaying or using your photos to create a collage.

Or see if you can photograph the alphabet!

#4. Download and Listen to a Podcast

Radiolab is a radio show and podcast weaving stories and science into sound and music-rich documentaries. Other recommended podcasts for older kids include AstronomyCast or Stuff you should know.

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#5. Learn a Magic Trick

Time to learn a new trick or two! Here are some Fun and Easy Magic Tricks to get you started.

#6. Write a Story

Here are children’s author Michael Morpurgo’s top tips for writing and some good tips from Corey Green on structuring your story.

#7. Create a Stop Motion film

Start with our beginner’s guide to making a stop motion movie to create your own mini movie. There are lots of great apps for stop motion. that can help you assemble your frames and even add sound files.

#8. Start a Business

You might become a dog walker, pet sitter, bringing in the bins, doing weeding or washing cars. Weebly.com lets you have a free website if you want to take a step further and put up a little website for your business.

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#9. Start a Blog

Create a blog – WordPress and Blogger are free and good for creating a simple blog. The good thing is you can write about things that you are interested in.

#10. Build an Amazing LEGO Creation

Get out the lego box and create something amazing. Why don’t you create a stop motion film as you build it piece by piece? There are 50+ projects on this list of LEGO Master Builder projects or try our 30 Day LEGO Challenge.

#11. Go Geocaching

Geocaching is a modern day “Treasure Hunt”. You use a GPS enabled device (Global Positioning System) or an app for your smartphone such as Google Maps will work too and you go hunting to see if you can find caches near you.

#12. Create a Comic

Get out some paper, pencil, pens and create a comic strip. Go wild with your imagination. Aliens! Monsters! People with animal heads!

#13. Make Some Slime

Try some home science experiments. Make some Slime, try the Pepper and Water Science Magic trick or have some fun with Red Cabbage!

#14. Try To Skip 100 times Without Stopping

Get the skipping rope out and have a go at skipping 100 times without stopping. Manage that? Aim for 200 now. Check what the world record is for the most skips in 1 minute.

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#15. Learn A New Card Game


Ever played Gin Rummy? 25? Spit? Here are 15 card games to have a go at.

Beggar My Neighbour is a really easy card game to learn to start with.

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#16. Learn a New Card Trick

Now that you have mastered card games, here are 8 Easy Card Tricks for Kids to wow your friends and family with.

#17. Take Apart An Old Appliance

Undo an old toaster or iron and have a tinker with the parts. Now put it back together again!

#18. Build a Bridge

Build a bridge out of straws that is strong enough to hold 100 pennies.  Or build a bridge out of pop sticks.

#19. Make a film or video

Use your iPod or iphone to make a short film or video. Create a script, do your storyboard and don’t forget your director’s chair ;)

#20. Have a go at coding

Have a go at Scratch, Alice or another programming language. Here coding for kids has been decoded!

#21. Make a family newspaper or magazine

Set up a newsdesk on the kitchen table and plan your newspaper or magazine issue. What are your headline/front page stories going to be? What pictures will you use? What would catch your eye? How about creating some funny ads at the back?

#22. Learn To Play Guitar (Or Another Instrument)

Master a new tune on the guitar or another instrument that you have around. Google Free Easy Tunes for the Guitar and you’ll bring up tons of websites with ideas to get you started.

#23. Make a Family Tree

Do a bit of research with your parents, aunts and uncles and grandparents and create a family tree. Take some time with your grandparents and ask them to tell you some stories from when they were your age and write them down (or put them on your new blog!)

#24. Learn How to Juggle

#25. Create a Secret Code

Make your own secret code up and write a message to your friends that they have to decode.

The Pigpen cipher uses symbols in place of the letters. Or use an ancient language called Ogham to make fun secret messages!

#26. Make a Time Capsule

Find a shoebox or small box and pick 10 items to make a time capsule and then find a good spot to bury your capsule. Here’s How to Make a Time Capsule.

#27. Make an Ant Farm

With glass jars and some soil, you can create a simple ant farm and do some ant-watching.

#28. Wash the Car

Ok at first glance not the most exciting but in warm weather this is great fun if you put on your swim togs, get out the garden hose, you’ll need some warm soapy water to start with and get cleaning the car and having a good old time messing about with water.

#29. Plant Something To Eat

All you need is a pot, some soil and some seeds. Pick something you enjoy eating (or have never tried) and how about growing your own pizza garden?

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#30. Have a Scavenger Hunt

Download a scavenger hunt and time yourself finding all the things on the list. Create your own hunt list.

#31. Stand inside a bubble

blow bubbles

Grab some friends, create your own bubble mix and see who can blow the biggest one or who can stand inside a bubble! Here’s how to make glow in the dark bubbles for some night time fun!.

#32. Make a Bird Feeder

Have a go at making some of these different bird treats and then track bird visits over a few weeks to see which birds come to visit your garden. The BirdWatch Ireland website has photos of different species.

#33. Camp Out In The Garden

Get out the tent and set up a camp out in your back garden for an outdoor sleepover. Don’t forget the headlamps, torches and midnight feast.

And if you’re really still bored after that, then ask your mum or dad to give you a chore to do!

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