28 Wonderful Rainbow Inspired Activities for Kids to Do

Amy Louise

July 31, 2015

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If we are very lucky a rain shower will delight us with a beautiful rainbow! Rainbows can happen at anytime, but often disappear as fast as they appear! Prolong their beauty with these 28 Wonderful Rainbow Inspired Activities for Kids to Do – colourful rainbow fun activities you can enjoy with your little ones.

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1. Water Bead Frozen Rainbow

We are always busy playing with water beads. They are a fabulous sensory media and you can do so much with them! We froze some and created a rainbow. It looks really effective and added a different spin to the water bead sensation.

1 Frozen rainbow

Learning & Exploring Through Play

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2. Rainbow Toast

Does your little one like rainbows and enjoy painting? I am sure they would love to create their very own rainbow toast designs! Not only do you have all the fun creating them, you can go on to eat them too!

2 rainbow painted toast

Messy Little Monster

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3. Rainbow Yarn Wrapping

A beautiful work out for your hands and developing fine motor control! You could also do this activity to create your very own Pom Poms!

3 RainbowYarnWrapping5

Cutting Tiny Bites

4. Rainbow Art with Cotton Wool

This is the kind of activity my 2 year old would love!! Great to take outdoors or enjoy indoors! Use the cotton wool as your canvas and observe the balls absorbing your coloured water!

4 rainbow-art-with-cotton-balls-4

Simple Fun for Kids

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5. Disappearing Rainbow

An interesting experiment to be done under strict adult supervision of course! Watch as these vivid colours disappear before your very eyes!

5 before-disappearing-rainbow-colours-experiment

Learning 2 Walk

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6. Rainbow Volcano

The lovely bright colors and fizzing make this activity pretty irresistible! A great way to explore the senses for the younger children and fun for the older children to look into how and why this happens. If you like this Rainbow Volcano you may also enjoy a fizzing rainbow.

6 rainbow volcano (10)

Preschool Powol Packets

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7. Rainbow Suncatcher

Want to add some colour to your room? Set about making some suncatchers with the little ones. We have made a few suncatchers now and this Rainbow one is probably my favourite and looks great on our dining room patio doors.

7 Rainbow Suncatcher

Learning and Exploring Through Play

8. Rainbow Fairy Cakes

These cakes look very delicious and are full of colour! What colourful patterns will your little ones come up with?

8 Rainbow coloured fairy cakes

Messy Little Monster

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9. Sort the Rainbow

Water beads are an AMAZING sensory experience! Just make sure to supervise your children when they are playing with them. In this activity using various tools, Miss Tiger has her work cut out sorting all the beads according to their colour. We enjoy adding them to other sensory play recipes! We recently enjoyed adding them to some cornflour and mashing them up! Why not check out our Cornflour Sensory Play?

9 2014-8_logo_Water Beads Rainbow-0159

A Little Pinch of Perfect

10. Rainbow Spin Art

I remember doing this with my Nan as a child so its an activity I am pretty fond of! Great fun and you do create some truly beautiful pieces of artwork!

10 RainbowSpinArt13

Cutting Tiny Bites

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11. Sensory Rainbow Ice Painting

Have you ever painted with ice paints before? It can get pretty messy but what fun!

11 ice paints

Learning and Exploring Through Play 

12. Rainbow Rice

An alcohol free method to create beautiful coloured rice! Perfect for sensory box fillers, small worlds and experimenting.

12 rainbow rice

A Little Pinch of Perfect

13. DIY Rainbow Peg Dolls for Pretend Play

Although these dolls would take a little time to prepare, once they are made they are ready to use for a wide range of activities. Perfect addition to pretend play – small worlds/ dolls houses, and can be used for colour sorting/matching for younger children.

13 DIY-Rainbow-Peg-Families-1024x536

Rhythms of Play

14. Rainbow Ice and Salt Experiment

I guarantee that the images in this post will inspire you to give this a try!


Powerful Mothering

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