18 Easy Paper Crafts for Kids You’ll Want to Make Too!

Jill Holtz

February 2, 2019

Paper lanterns paper crafts - Mykidstime

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Does the idea of art & craft projects with your child fill you with dread? Are you the un-crafty type of parent? Fear not, we’ve selected 18 easy paper crafts for kids you’ll want to make too!

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Most paper crafts are mess-free, so if you’re looking for a quick and contained project, this is it. Stock up on some coloured craft paper and you’re pretty much ready to go!

From lanterns and sun catchers to animals and even superheroes, we’ve got lots of great paper crafts fun in store for your crafty kids!

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Fun Paper Crafts to Make

#1. Colourful Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns paper crafts - Mykidstime

Image: Inner Child Fun

Paper lanterns are often associated with festivals, and they are very common in both China and Japan. This paper craft project is suitable for all ages, with supervision for younger children, and doesn’t require much in the way of supplies.

Inner Child Fun has step-by-step instructions to show you how to create your own paper lanterns.

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#2. Love Heart Wreath

Paper heart wreath

Image: The Hybrid Chick

Use different patterned paper strips in different colours to make love hearts that you glue together into a wreath, like this one from The Hybrid Chick.

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#3. Accordion Folder Paper Flowers

accordion paper flowers

Image: Mom Junction

An easy paper flowers crafty session from Mom Junction which is ideal for smaller kids and toddlers. It may even come in handy during the summer months if you need to cool down!

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#4. Paper Heart Penguin

paper crafts

Image: Crafty Morning

Look how cute he is! These super sweet little paper penguins from Crafty Morning would be a great idea for Valentine’s Day crafts – or just another fun activity.

All you need are some scissors and a sheet of craft paper in black, white and orange. For the eyes, either draw them on or stick on some funny googly eyes.

#5. Marble Run

Marble run paper crafts - Mykidstime

Image: Powerful Mothering

Powerful Mothering shows you how to create a DIY marble run, using cardboard tubes. To create the different sizes and levels for the marble run, you could use the inner tubes from kitchen paper, toilet paper or even wrapping paper to create a marble obstacle course!

Looking For More?

Pirates, planes, rainbows and even a homemade doll’s house – we’ve got even MORE easy paper craft ideas for kids for you to try!


#6. Stained Glass Kites

Stained Glass Kites paper crafts - Mykidstime

Image: Makes and Takes

Make these lovely tissue paper stained glass kites from Make and Takes, which are great for catching the light shining in your window.

#7. Racing Cars

Racing cars paper crafts - Mykidstime

Image: Kiflies Levendula

These cute cars from Kiflies Levendula are made from toilet paper rolls and wheels cut out of cardboard.

The instructions are in Hungarian, but most browsers offer translation to your language and it’s fairly obvious from the pictures what to do.

#8. Minions

Cardboard minions paper craft - Mykidstime

Image: Crafts by Amanda

These cute minions are also made from toilet paper rolls. Full instructions with a great printable sheet are available on Crafts by Amanda.

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#9. Folded Paper Bracelets

Paper bracelet paper crafts - Mykidstime

Image: Picklebums

These folded paper bracelets are a neat way to upcycle your artwork. Use old paintings, even scrap art, to make a bespoke bracelet. It’s such a great way of repurposing all the treasured artwork pinned to the fridge or stacked in piles. Don’t panic if you don’t have artwork to spare, different coloured craft paper is just as good.

Picklebums has step-by-step instructions to make this fun bracelet idea – you could even go big and make a crown!

#10. Paper Chain Caterpillar

Paper caterpillar paper crafts - Mykidstime

Image: DLTK-Kids

Use strips of construction paper glued or taped together, then decorate with a smile and some googly eyes – hey presto, you’ve got a cute paper caterpillar like this one from DLTK-Kids.

#11. Snowflake Ballerinas

Snowflake ballerinas paper crafts - Mykidstime

Image: Krokotak

This paper craft from Krokotak combines making paper dolls with the old classic cut out snowflake craft. The ballerinas’ snowflake skirts are really pretty and this becomes quite addictive!

#12. Paper Roll Owls

Paper roll owls

Image: The Centsible Life

Follow the step-by-step instructions on The Centsible Life to make your own cute little owls out of paper rolls.

Why not make a whole owl family in different sizes and colours?

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#13. Corner Bookmarks

homemade bookmarks

Image: Tally’s Treasury

We love these cute monster corner bookmarks! Tally’s Treasury has complete instructions, as well as patterns for more monster bookmarks.

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#14. Octopus Craft

octopus paper craft

Image: Crafty Morning

If you have any toilet roll tubes leftover at home (let’s face it, we all do!), you can make this fun little octopus from Crafty Morning.

All you need are a toilet paper roll, some googly eyes, and paint – then decorate him or her anyway you like!

You could add jewels to each of the eight tentacles to make them shimmer!

#15. Paper Weaving Craft

how-to-weave-paper paper crafts - Mykidstime

Image: Kids Activities Blog

Paper weaving is a fun no-mess craft for kids that is also a great fine motor skills activity. This simple paper weaving craft for kids is a fun way to take ordinary scraps and transform them into colourful art.

Kids Activities Blog shows you how to get started and then you can get as creative as you like!

#16. Super Hero Cuffs

paper crafts

Image: Reading Confetti

Do you have a superhero-in-training? If so, they will love these superhero cuffs from Reading Confetti to complete their super outfit!

You can make your own superhero cuffs from empty paper rolls that have been painted and decorated with glitter and stickers.

Who will you be, and what would your super powers be? Use some decoration to add character to your cuffs!

If your kids loved this, don’t miss more of our super fun superhero activities for kids!

#17. Easter Animals

Easter animals paper crafts - Mykidstime

Image: Krokotak

These cute Easter paper animals would be ideal for decorating your Easter table, or some quick little seasonal decorations.

Krokotak is in Bulgarian, but most browsers can translate and there are easy to follow photos with printables.

#18. Paper Fish

Paper fish paper crafts - Mykidstime

Image: Buggy and Buddy

Preschoolers and young kids will enjoy this very easy and cute fishy paper craft from Buggy and Buddy to make paper fish.

Plus, they would make a fantastic decoration for an under the sea, mermaid or nautical themed party!

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Have you tried any of these paper crafts with your child? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

18 easy paper Crafts for kids - Mykidstime

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