16 Super Easy Craft Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers


February 2, 2015

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Looking for some crafty ideas to keep your toddler or preschooler entertained? Here’s 16 Super Easy Craft Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers that you and the kids will love!

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#1. Music Shaker

Create a simple Music Shaker using a cleaned plastic bottle with a screw cap and some dried grains, peas or pasta. Let  your child fill the bottle using a funnel. Part fill the bottle and screw on the lid. Different fillings and volumes of filling will create a variety of sounds.


Image via Baby Brain

#2. Make a Simple Mosaic Sun Catcher

For this activity you will need a roll of clear, glue backed book covering and some coloured tissue paper or sweet wrappers.

  • Cut 2 identical squares of book covering.
  • Remove the backing from the 1st one and let your child stick on the coloured tissue or sweet wrappers.
  • They can make a random pattern or you could have the plastic sitting on an image below which they can use as a rough outline.
  • Once they are happy with the picture, peel the backing off the 2nd square and use it to cover their picture.
  • Place in a window and watch the sun shine through.

Sun catcher


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#3. Watch it Appear

Let your toddler use a candle or white crayon to draw on a white sheet of paper to create Wax Art. Then let them paint over their drawing and watch the paint run off the bits where they have coloured with wax and their picture will magically appear! For the best effect, use a darker coloured paint.

Wax Drawing from Treehousetv.com

TreeHouse Parents

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#4. Collage

Collect some leaves and petals the next time you are outdoors to create a collage. Draw a tree and some flowers onto a cardboard page for your toddler and let them stick the leaves and petals on to create a 3D effect. You could add some cotton wool for the clouds. Try some conker painting.

autum painting

Learning & Exploring Through Play

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#5. Raindrop Pictures

  • Cover the table with a waterproof cloth.
  • Give each child a large piece of coloured paper, a paintbrush and a jar lid of water.
  • Let them dip the paintbrush into the water and flick it over the paper so a pattern appears.
  • They can also paint or you can teach them to pull the wet bristles to one side with their finger and thumb and let go over the paper.

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#6. Homemade Snow Globe

Make a Snow Globe using glycerine, which you can buy from a pharmacy, glitter and a clear plastic jar with a resealable lid. Add the the glycerine and glitter to the jar and close the lid. You could also add in a character to your snow globe for a bit more fun. For a more simple version use water, silver foil pieces and dessicated coconut.

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#7. Butterfly Painting

These cute Butterfly Painting are made by simply folding a piece of paper in half and getting your child to colour on one half only. When they have finished, fold the clean part over so it is on top the the painted bit, press hard and unfold again to see a mirror image. Note: Squeezy bottles of paints are best and no water is needed as this will make the image run too much.


Teach Preschool

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#8. Blow Painting

Use thicker paper for this activity. Let your child dollop a blob of paint onto the page and give them a straw to blow the paint in different directions. Supervise younger children well to ensure the straw does not touch the paint!

Blow Painting


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#9. Play Dough

Play dough is super easy to make, and it will keep for weeks if stored in a resealable plastic bag. You can make different colours using food colouring to add some interest!


  • 2 cups plain flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 2 teaspoon cream of tartar


  • Add all ingredients to a saucepan and heat gently until if forms a dough.
  • Once it has cooled slightly let each child knead it.
  • Split it into several smaller balls and add food colouring.
  • Using gloves, knead the food colouring into the ball until the dough changes colour.
  • Give your child a rolling pin and some cookie cutters to create great shapes.

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#10. Paper Plate Octopus

Make this super cute octopus by cutting a paper plate in half. You can stick on the tissue paper tentacles, or could punch holes at bottom and thread through wool/pipe cleaners.

Octopus Paper Plate


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#11. Pom Pom Puppets

Kids love making pom poms and they are easy to make once you get the kids going – all you need is some wool, cardboard, pencil and scissors! These cute pom pom chicks would make a lovely Easter craft or a craft at anytime of year.

pom pom chicks

Fiona Carter – Living on the crafty side of life

How to Make Pom Poms

  • Using a small bowl, draw 2 circles onto the card.
  • Using a smaller bowl or glass draw a 2nd circle in the middle of each of the larger circles.
  • Cut the centre circle out leaving a rim of approx 2 inches.
  • Place one cardboard circle on top of the other
  • Holding the wool in place with your finger, feed ti through the centre hole and over the rim.
  • Repeat until it holds easily then pass over to your toddler to do.
  • Keep going until there is very little space left in the center and the card is completely cover.
  • Using a sharp scissors cut along the outside edge following along the outside line of the circle.
  • Once you have fully cut through, move the 2 cardboard templates slightly apart and thread a some wool into the gap
  • Tie it tightly and double knot
  • Pull away the templates and you should have a pompom that your child can decorate and play with.

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#12. Sand or Glitter Picture

Use a piece of card, glue and glitter or sand to create a work of art.

  • Paint the glue onto the card and let you child sprinkle glitter or sand over the page.
  • Once have finished, shake the picture off over a tray and the glitter will have stuck on to create a pretty picture.
  • You could get them to draw a picture and just add glue to certain parts so it adds a new dimension to the image.

glitter photopin(toddler craft) photo credit: pumpkincat210 via photopin cc

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#13. Pastry Shapes

If you are making a pie or tart that requires pastry, make a bit extra and let your toddler mold it into wriggly worms, balls or any small shapes they wish. Let them decorate with sprinkles and bake on an oven proof plate or baking sheet. They may not look too appetising but your toddler will love them!

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#14. Make Salt Dough Shapes

Make up a batch of salt dough and let your toddler mold it into fun shapes. Bake it in the oven until it goes hard and your toddler can decorate it once it has cooled down.

salt dough photopin (toddler crafts)

photo credit: lovelihood via photopin cc

#15. Pizza Plate

Use a paper plate and let your toddler paint the centre red and the rim brown or yellow. Once it has dried they can stick on cut out pictures, pasta, wool, dried pulses and foam to create a pizza plate!

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#16. Shoe Box Dolls House

An old shoe box makes and ideal house for smaller dolls and toys. Alternatively you could create a castle from a larger box, let your imagination go wild!

  • Use the lid as the front stick white paper on and draw a design, including windows and a door
  • Cut around these to create openings. Only cut the door around 3 sides so it can open and close.
  • Wrapping or tissue paper can be stuck inside to create a blind or curtains.
  • You can add a 2nd floor inside using a flat piece of strong cardboard taped half way down the box.
  • Stairs and furniture can be made from straws and cardboard.

Shoe Box Dolls House


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Over to you! Let us know your kids’s favourite Craft Activities – tell us in comment box below.


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