15 Homemade Father’s Day Gifts Your Child Will Love to Make

Kellie Kearney

June 1, 2021

Homemade father's day gifts

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I love nothing more than letting the kids get crafty to make homemade gifts that they hand over with pride. With Father’s Day on its way, I’ve been making a list of simple and easy Father’s day crafts for kids. Here are 15 heartfelt homemade Father’s Day gifts your child will love to make:

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Homemade Father’s Day gifts are a real treat for Dads to receive. We have put together a mix of gifts that can be made from free items found while out and about and some that require a bit more work.

The majority of these gifts can be made easily by children of all ages. We hope you (and Dad) enjoy them!

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Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

#1. Scribble Mug

homemade Father's day gifts

Image: The Yewman Projects

This fun craft idea from The Yewman Projects is suitable for all ages. Pick up a plain mug and some porcelain pens and let the kids go wild. If you can’t get the pens, paint will do.

#2. Hands Down The Best Dad T-Shirt

Handprint t-shirt

Image: Bonbon Break

One of the most personal of the homemade Father’s Day gifts is this ‘Best Dad’ t-shirt from Bonbon Break – little kids will love making it, while the older ones will love making him wear it!

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#3. POP Corn

Father's Day gifts

Image: Darice

Get it, POP Corn? If Dad is a movie man and likes his nibbles then he’ll love this cool idea from Darice.com.

Make a batch of popcorn treats and tuck in a cinema voucher to treat him to a movie.

#4. Hero Daddy Hanging Plaque

hero daddy wall plaque for homemade father's day gifts

Image: Shanty 2 Chic

Surprise him this Father’s Day with this gorgeous homemade wall hanging plaque idea from Shanty 2 Chic. It’s so simple to make and comes with a free printable too.

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#5. Framed My Daddy Print

framed daddy print for homemade father's day gifts

Image: Living Well Spending Less

Another of the simple homemade Father’s Day gifts is this idea from Living Well Spending Less. Get the kids to write all Dad’s favourites and everything they know about him, print it out and place it in a frame to display proudly around the home.

#6. Worth Every Penny Card

father's day gift ideas

Image: Mama Knows

Check down the back of the sofa and gather up all the loose change to make Dad an extra special card this Father’s Day, like this one from Mama Knows. If you find enough coins, you could even make the letters completely out of cash!

#7. Homemade Father’s Day Cards

Father's day gifts

Image: Crafty Morning

Kids will love making these fun cards – drawing, cutting, sticking and creating something special. Crafty Morning has a selection of fun card ideas for your kiddo to be inspired by.

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#8. Dad Rocks Frame

Father's Day gifts

Image: Macaroni Kid

This idea from Macaroni Kid is probably one of the easiest crafts for toddlers.

Take the kids on a nature walk and have them find as many pebbles as they can. Bring them home, wash them and glue them to an inexpensive frame.

Your child can then draw a picture of Daddy, or insert a photo of them together. Dad is sure to absolutely love this homemade Father’s Day gift.

#9. Dad Specs

Father's Day gifts

Image: Fine Craft Guild

How cool will Dad look in his homemade Father’s Day specs? He won’t want to take them off! Fine Craft Guild has all the instructions on how to make these super specs.

#10. Handy Man Dad

FAther's day

Image: Love Create Celebrate

I love this idea from Love Create Celebrate using your wee one’s footprint. Who knows, it may even remind him he needs to get on with a job or two after Father’s Day is out the way…!

#11. Funky Ties

funky ties craft for homemade father's day gifts

Image: Everyday Dishes

Does Dad have a unique sense of style? Or maybe the kids would like him to have one!
Everyday Dishes shows you how to transform a tie into a work of art, or a humorous tie he’ll treasure forever.

#12. Father’s Day Bookmarks

Father's Day gifts

Image: I Heart Crafty Things

Is Dad an avid reader? Let him keep track of his place in the latest book he’s reading with these sweet homemade Father’s Day bookmarks from I Heart Crafty Things.

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#13. My Dad Rocks

my dad rocks for homemade father's day gifts

Image: Idea Stand

Simple, easy and fun to make. Another Father’s Day gift idea from Idea Stand that’s perfect for a toddler to make for Dad.

#14. Candy Tie

Father's Day gifts

Image: Natural Beach Living

Has Dad got a sweet tooth? Pick his favourite sweet treats and make him some candy ties, with full instructions from Natural Beach Living for this simple Father’s Day project.

#15. Gone Fishing Tackle Box

daddy tackle box for homemade father's day gifts

Image: Boundless

Make this fab idea for the fishing fan Dad in your life, thanks to instructions from Boundless. We cannot guarantee there will be any jellies left by the time it gets to Dad, but the thought was there…

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15 Heartfelt Homemade Father's Day Gifts Your Child Will Love To Make - Mykidstime

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