12 Super Simple Art Projects for Toddlers and Preschoolers


December 21, 2015

Art Projects for Toddlers

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It’s fun to spend time with younger kids doing arts and crafts. Yes, I know it can be messy but think of the benefits – they are learning pencil grip, fine motor skills, shapes, colours, self esteem and much more. For inspiration here are 12 Super Simple Art Projects for Toddlers and Preschoolers to enjoy.

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#1. Rolling Pin, Toy Trucks, Blocks & Balls

art projects for toddlers rolling pin art from casa mariaI love this idea from Casa Maria’s Creative Learning. Using a large sheet of paper, get you toddler to dollop on some paint and use a rolling pin to mix the colours and create a masterpiece.

You could use just about anything to create different effects including the wheels from trucks, building blocks, marbles, old tennis balls or create stampers from a potato.

Image from Casa Maria’s Creative Learning

#2. Self Portrait

Art projects for toddlers portrait from Mommy LabsTrace around your toddler, including the outline of their clothes and let them loose on their self portrait. I use rolls of easel paper for this activity, but you could use old rolls of wallpaper or just draw with chalk on the pavement on sunny days.

Another fun art project for toddlers is to get them to draw or paint a portrait of each each other. The results can be interesting!

If you repeat every 6 months you can see how they have grown in that time.

Image from Mommy Labs

#3. Fingerprinted Season Keepsake

Art projects for toddlers fingerprint canvas from Rhytms of PlayNot only does this look very effective, it makes a wonderful keepsake and provides a cute decoration, check out this one from Heart of Deborah.

For younger children you could prepare the canvas in advance by getting them to help paint the background colour and then you add the tree. Once dried, they can work their magic with their fingerprints.

Image from Rhythms of Play

#4. Bottle Top Art

3 Milk Cap Painting A Little Pinch of Perfect 2 copyThis is a great art project for toddlers from A Little Pinch of Perfect – using bottle tops to create art. How effective is the outcome!! Definitely adding this to our to-do list!

Image via A Little Pinch of Perfect

#5. Bath Paints

Art projects for toddlers bath paints from messy little monsterWant to make your kids bath time fun? This one is not for the feint hearted, it will get messy but it is really easy to clean and the kids will have so much fun.

Here Messy Little Monster share how they created their very own bath paints using shaving foam and gel food colouring! Look at how creative artist Harry got on!!

Image from Messy Little Monster

#6. Mess Free Finger Painting Art Project for Toddlers

Art Projects for Toddlers Finger Painting from Learning and Exploring Through PlayI love this idea for mess free finger painting from Learning and exploring through play.

By using ziploc bags and adding the paper and the paints into each one, your child can manipulate the paint with their fingers to produce a great piece of art that is also mess free. Win Win in my book!

Image from Learning and exploring through play

#7. Butterfly Painting

Art Projects for Kids Butterfly Painting from Teach PreschoolThese cute Butterfly Paintings are made by simply folding a piece of paper in half and getting your child to colour on one half only. When they have finished, fold the clean part over so it is on top the the painted bit, press hard and unfold again to see a mirror image.

Note: Squeezy bottles of paints are best and no water is needed as this will make the image run too much.

Image from Teach Preschool

#8. Marbleised Paper

art projects for toddlers marbelized paper from tinkerlabThis great painting project for toddlers comes from Tinkerlab. You will need droppers and oil along with some liquid watercolours or food colouring.

I’m sure you will agree the results are pretty special. This really is one art project the whole family could do!

Image from Tinkerlab

#9. Outline Painting

Amazing Seahorse from Art Projects for KidsThis is a great idea from Art Projects for kids. Get your toddler to lightly paint a background colour and then you can draw on an animal or any shape they want, no pressure!.

Once the outline is drawn get your toddler to use different coloured crayons to complete the picture.

Image and Seahorse Outline on Art Projects for Kids

#10. Footprint Rainbow Butterfly

Art Projects for ToddlersI am such a fan of keepsakes. Capturing your little ones feet is so precious! Why not attempt your very own Footprint Butterfly?

You could even make some additional prints for your family and friends! And your toddler will love getting their feet painted with a rainbow of different colours.

Image from Messy Little Monster

#11. Blow Painting

Art projects for toddlers blow paintingUse thicker paper for this activity as the pages can get quite wet.

Let your child dollop a blob of paint onto the page and give them a straw to blow the paint in different directions.

Supervise younger children well to ensure the straw does not touch the paint and that they blow out not suck in!

#12. Watch it Appear

Art Projects for toddlers Wax Drawing from Treehousetv.comI remember doing this activity as a child. You will need a white crayon or a light coloured wax candle and some paints.

Let your toddler use the candle or crayon to draw on a white sheet of paper to create Wax Art.

When finished get them to paint over their drawing and watch the paint run off the bits where they have coloured with wax and their picture will magically appear!

For the best effect, use a darker coloured paint.

Image from TreeHouse Parents

Have you created any fun art projects with your toddler or preschooler? Please let us know in the comments box below.

Art Projects for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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