12 Perfectly Simple Pine Cone Crafts Kids Can Treasure

Louise Kerrigan

June 22, 2015

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From fallen leaves to conkers and sticks, Autumn provides us with some great natural materials for art and crafts. When you are out walking, gather up the fallen pine cones to make some wonderful, easy decorative crafts. Here are 12 Perfectly Simple Pine Cone Crafts Kids can Treasure.

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#1. Pine Cone Bumblebee

pinecone-bees-flying-We love this wonderful craft for the little ones from Playtivities, which also turns into a toy! Would also make a perfect craft activity for little ones to do at toddler parties.

Simply colour the pine cone in yellow and black stripes, add eyes, lip antennas and the wings, secure to stick, and ready to buzz………….

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#2.  Pine Cone Robin

Pine-Cone-Robin-kid-made-Christmas-ornament-683x1024This is another really easy one for toddlers to try from Kids Craft Room, as it just involves sticking on some simple craft materials onto a single pine cone. Would make a lovely festive Christmas tree decoration by simply adding some ribbon or thread.

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#3. Pine Cone Christmas Trees

tree8Aren’t these Pine Cone Christmas Trees from elementaryartfun just so cute! And so easy to make too! Just colour your pine cones green, and then decorate. You could even make a whole forest of them!

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#4. Pine Cone Tree decorations

tree decorationStaying with the tree theme but looking for a decoration you could use all year around? All you have to do is change the colour depending on the season.

This craft from Country Living involves bleaching the pine cones first so some parental help is required. However after that it’s simply a case of attaching some beautiful coloured ribbon.

#5.  Pine Cone Turkey

1st-pic-pinecone-turkeys1Pine cones make great Thanksgiving crafts. This pine cone turkey from artistshelpingchildren.org  is another simple one for the little ones to do using a pine cone and some felt, pipecleaners, google eyes, feathers and glue.

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#6. Pine Cone Turkey with Leaves

pinecone-turkey-300x300Have the kids collect some leaves from the garden for this one from Free Kids Crafts. All you need are pine cones, plastic or real leaves, glue, googly eyes, orange and red foam paper or felt, and hey presto, some cute little Thanksgiving turkeys!

These would also make lovely place settings for Thanksgiving dinner tables.

#7. Pine Cone Elves

pinecone_elvesWe are loving these pine cone elves from Pink and Green Mama, which could be made using the smaller pine cones you may have gathered. Just add some wooden beads for heads, pipe cleaners for arms and legs, and some pieces of felt to dress your elves.

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#8. Pine Cone Doorhanger Decoration

door decorationThis lovely festive doorhanger decoration from Country Living is one you can get the older kids to do around Autumn or Christmas time. It just involves getting some beautiful decorative ribbon in different lengths to allow the swag effect of the pine cones.

Why not make them as presents for family and friends?

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#9. Pine Cone Garland

pineconegarlandBring the outdoors inside this fall, with a pine cone garland craft from Ella Claire. For this you will need some natural type rope, pine cones, accent ribbon and a glue gun.

The trick is getting the pine cones evenly spaced but after that, any additions are only limited by your imagination!

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#10. Woolly Pine Cone Trees

wooly acorn pine coneThis is a wonderful colourful pine cone craft from The Wool Acorn – especially if you have large pine cones to use.

You will need some different balls of wool in different colours, some tacky glue and a used spool of thread and some glitter spray.Change the colours to reflect the season!

#11. Pine Cone Owls

pinecone-owlsAre your kids interested in birds? Well here is a wonderful craft from PagingFunMums that will spark their interest!

These are so simple to make and just need some large open pine cones, some white craft stuffing (or cotton wool), brown felt, googly eyes, glue gun and scissors.

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#12.  Pine Cone Animals

Pinecone-crafts-for-kidsStaying with a similar theme – why not make a barn yard full of animals! These little ones from ttcrafts are so cute and a simple way to combine the art of pine cones with playdough or modeling clay.

All you need are some small to medium pine cones, play dough or clay and a book of animal images and let them get creative.

Over to you!  Why not share your creative ideas for pine cone crafts in the comments box below.

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