10 Owl Crafts That Will Be a Hoot to Make with the Kids


April 2, 2020

Owl crafts lead - Mykidstime

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Owls are absolutely fascinating and these fantastic owl crafts are a great way to teach kids about these wise, nocturnal creatures. Are you ready to have a hoot getting creative…?

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From LEGO and ombre to feathers and felt, these fun owl crafts would make the perfect rainy day activity – and they are really cute keepsakes for decorating a play room too!

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Owl Crafts to Make with the Kids

#1. Felt Owl Ornament

Felt Owl

Image: Juicy Bits

These little felt owl ornaments from Juicy Bits are really sweet and easy to make from just a bit of felt, a needle and thread. You can also make them a bit bigger and they can become a cuddly toy.

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#2. Wise Ombre Owl T-shirt

Wise Ombre Owl

Image: I Love to Create

We love this ombre owl t-shirt design from I Love to Create, which is a great idea for getting kids involved in creating something they can also wear. Note: younger kids may need some adult assistance.

#3. Bottle Cap Owl

bottle cap owl

Image: Think Crafts

This pretty hanging owl ornament from Think Crafts is made simply from recycled bottle tops, buttons, jar lid and can pulls. Glue and metal clippers are needed so adult supervision is a must.

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#4. LEGO Owl

LEGO Owl instructions

Image: Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Make your own LEGO owl with this great tutorial from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls. You’ll find full step by step instructions for this fantastic owl, complete with posable wings and a moveable head!

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#5.  Magical Spowls – Half Spoon / Half Owl

Spowl Puppet

Image: Spoonful

These cute “spowls” from Spoonful are perfect for little ones, involving only painting a wooden spoon. They don’t have to just make one either, they could make a whole owl family, and then play puppets with their creations too.

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#6. Button Owl

Button Owl craft

Image: A Spectacled Owl

Create your very own button owl using the tutorial and printable from A Spectacled Owl. This craft is a lot of fun, simple to do and looks GREAT when it’s completed!

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#7. Handprint Snowy Owl

Handprint snowy owl

Image: Fun Handprint Art

This super cute handprint snowy owl craft from Fun Handprint Art is made with construction paper and cotton balls. Not sure how to get started? Don’t worry, there’s an owl template you can print to use.

#8. Standing Paper Owls

You will love these cute standing paper owls from The Pinterested Parent. They are a wonderful year-round, or autumnal, craft and they are so easy to make. A free printable template is also included for your convenience.

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#9. Owl Pillow Boxes


Image: Kelly’s Paper Crafts

These little owls double up nicely as little gift pillow boxes, so you can make them and give them with something lovely inside! Perhaps a party favour?

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#10. Owl Finger Puppets

Owl finger puppets

Image: Playing with Words 365

Playing With Words 365 explains in this tutorial how to simply make these great little owl finger puppets, which can then be used for play. You just need their template, different coloured felt, googly eyes, scissor and glue, then get owl crafting.

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Have your say! Have you got any Owl Craft ideas for your kids that they loved doing? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

10 Owl Crafts That Will Be a Hoot to Make with the Kids - Mykidstime

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