18 Mega Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

Jill Holtz

January 21, 2021

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Scavenger hunts are great fun for kids as they adore the thrill of hunting. It’s also a great excuse to get them active outdoors, so a win-win for everyone! But we know that the weather doesn’t always play ball, so we’ve also got lots of indoor options to make sure you can enjoy the fun whenever the mood takes. Here are some mega fun scavenger hunt ideas for kids to turn your little darlings into mini-explorers!

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This simple activity is perfect for all ages, and children can work alone or in teams. All you need is a list of things for them to find and if you want to make it even more fun, you can time them so they have to come back to you with the list before the buzzer goes! Here are some different Scavenger Hunt tips and ideas to inspire you!

How to Hold a Scavenger Hunt

Never held a scavenger hunt for kids before? Check out these simple to follow instructions to get you started. Find out

  • what you need
  • what a hunt is
  • how to get started and
  • see an example of a fun hunt that the parent had with their kids around the neighbourhood.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

Sound Scavenger Hunt

Sound scavenger hunt lead - Mykidstime

How about something completely different? Instead of searching for things, go on a hunt for sounds!

Who knew there were so many sounds outside? We live in such a busy world that often our brains just ignore the sounds. So taking a half hour to go outside and listen can be very educational.

From leaves rustling to bird song, we guarantee the kids will get right into listening mode.

Bug Scavenger Hunt

It’s a fact, kids love bugs. So get organised and hold our Big Bug Scavenger Hunt.

You’ll have fun finding a variety of bugs and the great thing about this hunt is you get to learn about the tiny creatures you find too.

Tip: take some plastic containers to put the bugs into and then release them gently afterwards.

Rhyming Scavenger Hunt

Rhyming scavenger hunt lead - Mykidstime

Kids, young and old, will enjoy trying to think of words that rhyme with the words on our rhyming scavenger hunt list.

And while they are playing this hunt, they are also improving their reading and word skills – double bonus!

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Rainbow scavenger hunt lead - Mykidstime

Searching for the rainbow items in this rainbow scavenger hunt can help reinforce colour learning with younger children, while older kids still enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

You can make it more challenging with a theme of rainbow items to find – indoors could be items of clothing, toys or food items, while outdoors the themes could be things in nature, cars on the road, storefronts and so on.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Indoor scavenger hunt lead - Mykidstime

When the weather just doesn’t allow for an outdoor experience, you can still have fun with an indoor scavenger hunt. Why not try out our sheet and then get the kids to make up their own version?

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Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Gratitude scavenger hunt lead - Mykidstime

For something a bit different, this gratitude scavenger hunt is really nice for getting them to seek out the things that make them feel happy and blessed, at the same time as having a bit of fun!

This scavenger hunt is a little bit unusual in that it is also about finding the things that they can be grateful about.

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Backyard Scavenger Hunt

When you can’t venture far, then even your back garden holds fun things to find! Step outside with our backyard scavenger hunt list and see what you can find, you’ll be amazed when you start looking.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Alphabet scavenger hunt lead - Mykidstime

Have you ever been on an Alphabet Scavenger hunt? It’s a great way to get the kids active and exploring.

Searching for the items that begin with the letters of the alphabet can help reinforce letter learning with younger children. As well as practising their letters, they get to practise writing and have the fun of a scavenger hunt at the same time.

Numbers Scavenger Hunt

Numbers scavenger hunt lead - Mykidstime (1)

We have made indoor and outdoor Numbers Scavenger Hunt lists so you can enjoy a numbers hunt whatever the weather.

You can download our Numbers scavenger hunt here – simply print one or both sheets out and let the kids loose for some numbers scavenging and hunting fun!

Out for a Walk Scavenger Hunt

Our family tries to take a walk every Sunday at a nearby park. After a while, the novelty of going for a walk wears off (particularly with young children) so make a game of it!

Download and print our free Scavenger Hunt List: Out for a Walk full of fun things to find as you stroll.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

nature scavenger hunt

Focussing in on nature is not only educational, but a fun way of spending time together.

How about heading outside for a fun nature scavenger hunt that can be done in the garden, in the park or while out for a walk.

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Beach Scavenger Hunt

Beach scavenger hunt lead - Mykidstime

If you live near the sea and visit the beach regularly then you might like to try a beach scavenger hunt.

Finish up with making some sandcastles or create a mermaid on the sand with seaweed for hair and shells to decorate her tail!

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Book Scavenger Hunt

Book scavenger hunt lead - Mykidstime

Download our fun book scavenger hunt for kids and get hunting! It’s great fun, and you might find your kids get distracted by some reading while they are at it…

This scavenger hunt is a fun one as it means your child looking through lots of their books to see what they can find on the list. And it’s not age-specific, so any age of child should enjoy this special hunt.

Seasonal Scavenger Hunts

Each season brings with it plenty of unique nature and items to discover. You can find our seasonal scavenger hunts here:

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18 Mega Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids - Mykidstime

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