10 Easy Homemade Toys to Make with Your Child


December 15, 2019

homemade toys

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Are you looking for a fun way to spend some quality time with the kids, and not spend a fortune? From catapults to handmade dolls and wooden planes, here are some easy homemade toys to make with your child – after all, what our children most often want from us is our time.

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Using items around the house, and some upcycling ingenuity, you could create a great range of homemade toys with your child.

The best bit about homemade toys is that you can personalise them for your child with their favourite colours and preferences. They are also much more budget-friendly than heading to the nearest toy shop for a splurge, more environmentally-friendly as you are reusing and recycling items you already have, and all round more fun to enjoy both making and playing with!

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Easy Ideas for Homemade Toys

#1. Cardboard Doll’s House

Homemade toys - cardboard doll house

Image: Handmade Charlotte

Isn’t the box sometimes the best part of the present? In our time we have upcycled a few shoeboxes to create homes for little dolls and beds for sick teddies – but nothing quite on the scale of these awesome creations from Handmade Charlotte. You could also make forts, teddy bear hospitals and much more from the humble cardboard box.

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#2. Hobby Horse

hobby horse

Image: Red Ted Art

What a great idea this is from Red Ted Art – a traditional hobby horse toy! Using a sock cuts down on the fabric required and makes this a quick and easy homemade project. Then your little one can gallivant around on their very own horse!

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#2. Marshmallow Catapult

How to Make a Catapult for Kids Using Marshmallows

Check out our fun post on how to make a marshmallow catapult with your kids.

Important note…Make sure to buy extra marshmallows though, as some will definitely disappear in the making!

#4. Workbench or Kitchen

homemade toys - work bench

Image: The Frugal Granny

This great kids workbench was made by The Frugal Granny using a bedside locker, a can of paint and some items found around the house. She made it for her grandson’s birthday and it has given him hours of fun.

See if you have any old furniture around the house that could be upcycled to create a workbench, kitchen or other easy homemade toy for kids to get creative with.

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#5. Cute Cloth Doll

Homemade cloth doll

Image: Crazy Little Projects

How about sewing and making your own dolls, and perhaps even making them an outfit change?

Your child may need a little bit of help with this cute cloth doll template and instructions from Crazy Little Projects, but the finished doll is well worth the effort.

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#6. No Sew Quiet Book

I love this Quiet Book from Powerful Mothering. With 11 inside pages, it is sure to keep your little one amused for hours! And best of all, there is no sewing involved.

The book has been cleverly designed using felt and allows your child to be creative while learning. What are you waiting for? Get the felt out!

#7. Alphabet Peg Dolls

peg dolls

Image: No Time for Flashcards

This is a super idea from No Time for Flashcards. Using pegs and paint you can create alphabet peg dolls for your child to use.

It is probably best to make a few extras for the letters most used, that way your child can spell out different words and play games more easily with these beautiful, easy homemade toy peg dolls.

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#8. Hopscotch Mat


Image: A Girl and a Glue Gun

On rainy days when the kids can’t get outdoors, this hopscotch mat from A Girl and a Glue Gun is ideal to keep them entertained, whatever their age.

Once made, it can be used again and again either indoors our outdoors if there is no place to write with chalk.

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#9. Printable Roads

Image: Picklebums

Create your very own race track or town using the printable roads from Picklebums. Add in some bricks, trees, cars, vans and bridges and the kids will be kept busy for hours.

At the end of the post there are also some free printable road signs and accessories to go with your new easy homemade toy.

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#10. Lollystick BiPlane

Image: Incredibusy

Kids will love playing with these popsicle stick wooden biplanes we found on Incredibusy, and they are super quick to make too.

This article shows a few clever options for wheels and base – you can either use LEGO pieces and wheels, or for a more authentic fully homemade model, try corks!

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Have your say! Have you ever made any homemade toys with your kids? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

10 Easy Homemade Toys to Make with Your Child - Mykidstime

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