10 of the Cutest, Fluffiest Cotton Wool Craft Ideas for Kids

Jill Holtz

August 1, 2020

Cotton Wool Craft Ideas lead - Mykidstime2

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Are you looking for a fun craft you can do at home with your child? We’ve rounded up some easy crafts to make with cotton wool balls. Here are 10 of the Cutest Fluffiest Cotton Wool Craft Ideas for Kids:

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From bunnies to baby birds, these cotton wool craft ideas are so cute!

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Cotton Wool Craft Ideas for Kids

Cotton Ball Sheep

sheep cotton wool

Image: Preschool Activities

Isn’t this cotton ball sheep from Preschool Activities so cute?! Its feet and face are made from black card stuck onto the cotton ball body (made from a paper plate with the cotton wool stuck on).

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Four Season Tree Craft

four seasons trees craft

Image: Nontoysgifts.com

Learn about the four seasons and the colours that go with them, thanks to this series of four craft ideas from the Nontoysgifts blog.

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Cotton Wool Bunny

cotton ball bunny

Image: First Palette

I don’t know about you but cotton wool balls always remind me of bunny tails. Make your own adorable cotton wool bunny with step-by-step instructions from First Palette.

Cotton Wool Snowman

snowman cotton wool craft

Image: Pinterest

To make this fun cotton wool snowman, first make a snowman shaped cardboard template and then get the kids to stick on the cotton balls to make the snowman. Stick on hats and arms and decorations like scarves and buttons. You could also make Olaf from Frozen!

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Cotton Ball Handprint Chick

cotton ball craft ideas

Image: iHeartArtsnCrafts

We love this handprint chick craft project from iHeartArtsnCrafts where the kids make the wings out of their handprints and then decorate the chicks with painted yellow cotton balls.

Rain Cloud Craft

Rain cloud cotton wool craft

Image: The Kindergarten Connection

This is a fun spring project to make rain clouds from cotton balls, with pretty rain drops hanging down. All the instructions are available on The Kindergarten Connection.

Cotton Ball Snow Decorations

Cotton ball snow craft

Image: Jamie D Photography

This would be a good project for older kids and helping them learn sewing skills too. Jamiedphoto.com shows how they made the decorations using fishing twine and a glue gun, but you could do a simpler variation using thread and the cotton balls.

Nest with Baby Birds Craft

Cotton ball nest

Image: Cindy de Rosier

This is a fun, cute craft project with a nest and little cotton ball chicks from Cindy deRosier, combining paper plate craft with cotton wool craft. I like the way they have used different coloured cotton wool balls to make the different baby birds.

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Cotton Ball Painting

cotton ball painting

Image: Domestic Mommyhood

Isn’t this a super idea from Domestic Mommyhood? No paintbrushes required, this is an ideal fun project for preschoolers trying some cotton ball painting!

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Santa Cotton Ball Craft

cotton ball flowers

Image: Think Crafts

These water-painted cotton ball flowers from Think Crafts take watercolours to a whole new level. This craft idea is fun, easy to prep and so beautiful!

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10 of the Cutest Fluffiest Cotton Wool Craft Ideas for Kids - Mykidstime

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