Build New Creations from Your LEGO with the Cool Brickit App

Jill Holtz

July 4, 2021

lego pile brickit app

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Do you have lots of LEGO in the house? And do you have a LEGO fan who sometimes says “I don’t know what to build”? We’ve discovered an app that might just be the solution. The Brickit app helps you build more from the LEGO you already have, and it’s free to download too!

A quick scan of your LEGO and you’ll have lots of great ideas for what to build in no time…

About the Brickit App

brickit app

Some LEGO fans have got together and built a cool app called Brickit. The app helps you to build new creations from your LEGO.

The app offers ideas and tools to build new creations with your LEGO bricks. Perfect if your LEGO fan has run out of inspiration!

Here how’s the app works:

First, you spread out the bricks you have on the floor. This can be all the bricks mixed up, but some app users have said it’s more effective if you spread the bricks out in a single layer.

Then you scan your bricks with the app and it identifies what bricks you have and then starts to show you ideas of what to build with some of the bricks.

You choose the tiny project you want to build and it will show you handy instructions and step-by-step how to build that. You can build kangaroos, x-wings, robots, and more.

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Other Features of the Brickit App

The app is very speedy, making sense of the bricks in your collection within seconds.

brickit app

Not only does it mark the bricks you need for a particular building project, but the app also tells you where they are in your pile of LEGO.

You can also customise the proposed ideas to build with e.g. different colours or bricks for your own personal touch.


This fun 30-Day LEGO Play Challenge is free and easy, and offers lots of brilliant building inspiration for brick-mad kids!


Where to Download the Brickit App

At the moment the Brickit app is available on the Apple Store for iPhone and it is free.

And good news for Android users, the Brickit website said the Android version is coming in the autumn.

At time of writing the app is rated 4.1 out of 5, with many positive reviews.

While some could say that the app is going against the point of LEGO – that it should be encouraging imagination and free play – personally I think this is a bit of free fun and could also give a new challenge to your LEGO-mad child where they can work their way through building all the app’s suggestions.

Build New Creations from your LEGO with the Cool Brickit App

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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