These Stunning Destinations are Perfect for Festive Family Holiday Ideas


July 20, 2019

Festive Family Holiday Ideas at stunning destinations

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Are you looking for festive family holiday ideas? Travelling with the family is a great way to make some incredible memories that will last forever. Many of us get away during the Summer months but how about getting away for a festive vacation with the family? Have an unforgettable festive family holiday at these stunning destinations and enjoy making family memories together.

Stunning Destinations For Festive Family Holiday Ideas

Colorado, USA

Festive Family Holiday ideas Colorado USA

If you’re like most families, you might wish to embrace the cold weather and Christmas snow over the holidays. You are sure to find Christmas magic in Colorado. This state is famed for its the Rocky Mountains, where alpine resorts like Aspen and Vail are home to family-friendly slopes – and plenty of snow.

Depending on where you live, Colorado may only be a few hours drive, or a short flight away. If you are coming from further afield, book early to get the best value on flights.

Remember to pack all your presents into your main bags. This way, your little one won’t be tempted to take a peek!

Before you decide which resort to stay at, it’s best to do some research about which one has some fun Christmas activities, and family-friendly facilities. Large ones like Aspen and Vail have a rounded reputation, with cozy cabins and social hubs providing a warm atmosphere all Christmas long.

Avoid the crowds by checking out smaller – but equally amazing – ski havens like Copper Mountain and Breckenridge.

As with any cold destination, wrap your little one in padded ski gear and snow boots. Not only will they be toasty and warm, but this makes for some excellent photographs to treasure forever.

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The Bahamas

Festive Family Holiday ideas the Bahamas pigs swimming

Christmas may be cold where you live, but some tropical destinations enjoy year-round sunshine. In fact, 44% of people surveyed recently said they’d prefer to travel to a tropical island for Christmas. One of the most popular and family-friendly is the Bahamas, which boasts the driest, sunniest conditions over Christmas.

Filled with family friendly resorts and sandy beaches, families usually choose to visit the capital city of Nassau. All over the city, there are numerous restaurants that serve western and local food, so there’s enough choice to cater to even the fussiest of eaters.

For a fun day out with your little one, hop over the bridge to Paradise Island, where the iconic Aquaventure Waterpark awaits. Even the smallest kids will remember a boat trip to Grand Exuma, a unique hotspot where pigs swim in the sea.

Unfortunately, there is one catch: everywhere in the Bahamas gets booked up quickly for Christmas. Avoid this issue when you book a vacation in advance at a family friendly resort. Though you might feel as though you’re being over-prepared, you’ll thank yourself when you arrive at your destination without any stress.

Before you depart, remember to pack some essential items to keep your little one safe from the sun. From child-friendly sunscreen to sunglasses, pack these essentials next to your kid’s Christmas presents.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Festive Family Holiday Ideas Prague

Some families like tropical winter escapes, and others prefer to make the most of the snow. If you’re one of those that prefer a happy medium, head to European city of Prague where you can cooler climates and festive Christmas markets.

Everywhere you look here, you’ll find Christmas lanterns and cinnamon-coated Christmas treats. The Prague markets are among some of the most famous in the world, with traditional, Czech entertainment, wholesome meals, and you may even sport a reindeer or two!

Prague also isn’t as overwhelming as other major cities, making it a perfect destination for a festive city break with the family. Kids will enjoy climbing up to the fairy tale Prague Castle on the hill, or going on boat rides down the Vltava River. You really will have a magical festive family holiday here.

If you have more time to play with, why not turn your city break into an extended trip? Everywhere in Europe is easy to reach, so stop by other iconic cities that are known for their sparkling, Christmas streets. Popular options include London, Paris, and more recently, the Finish capital, Tallinn.

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Festive family holiday ideas Switzerland

Switzerland is the poster child for Christmas, and for good reason. With a snowy mountain landscape and starry skies, your little one will feel as though they’ve stepped into their favourite storybook when you visit.

The only way to complete this trip is if you take a ride on the famous Glacier Express. This once in a lifetime train ride takes you through the mountains and the Grand Canyon of Switzerland.

Though you might want to stay in a bustling city like Zurich or Geneva, this setting could become too overwhelming when you’re travelling with young kids. Escape from the noise and enjoy a relaxing retreat in a smaller location, like Bern or Lucerne. These towns are nestled in the heart of the mountains, so you’re bound to have a trip filled with Christmas spirit.

When choosing your alpine destination, consider booking into a wooden lodge or an igloo. Your little one might be too young for skiing, but there are plenty of authentic Christmas markets and ice rinks to spend your time at. For an unforgettable Christmas treat, take your little one to St. Gallen to visit the giant Christmas tree, where you’ll find an array of other festivities.

As with any other cold destination, pack lots of warm layers and cold medication to keep your kids feeling happy and healthy over Christmas.

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Florida, USA

Festive Family Holiday Ideas Florida USA

Famously known as the Sunshine State, Florida is renowned for its year-round tropical heat. The heat here can get unbearable in the summer months; but in December, temperatures hover around the 73F mark, making beach trips and daytime activities much more pleasant.

Christmas festivities will also never be far from your fingertips. In fact, Disney World comes to life over Christmas. With various Christmas day park tours, sweet treats, and incredible Christmas décor, bring your little one’s Christmas dreams to life with minimal stress.

You could even make a trip to the town called Christmas, which is about an hour’s drive away from Orlando.

If you’re hoping to make the most of the sunshine, extend your trip by visiting the Florida Keys. Those like Duck Key and Key West are known for their family friendly resorts and Christmas packages. Aside from various other family activities, you’re also likely to find untouched beaches to relax on.

For a more unique, educational trip, why not visit the Turtle Hospital? This nature center helps rehabilitate turtles back into the wild, and has a focus on family-friendly excursions. This is a great way of giving back to the planet over Christmas, and your little one will cherish their trip here for the rest of their life.

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Over to you now. Have you any other festive family holiday ideas you’d like to share? Or have you visited any of these family friendly holiday destinations at Christmas? Please let us know in the comments box below.  

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