Switching to Gas is a Clever Way to Make Savings


October 11, 2021

Switching to Gas

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When was the last time you assessed your heating system and energy supplier? As we head into the winter months, now is a good time to check boilers and see what energy options are available. With many of us working from home, for at least some of the time, it is more important than ever to ensure our heating energy choices are as good as they can be.

Read on to find out how you can reduce your carbon footprint, improve your property’s BER and have a cosy home this winter when you switch to gas.

Are You Thinking of Switching to Gas?

switching to Calor Gas

Gas offers a versatility for homeowners when it comes to cooking, heating and running your home. This, coupled with the positive environmental impact, means switching to gas for your home is something you should consider. The benefits can include:

  • Reduction of your carbon footprint – Gas is a cleaner fuel than other fossil fuels and switching to heating your home with gas will help reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your CO2 emissions. With a newer heating system you can zone heating to go where you really need it and keep a more even temperature in your home too. And if you switch to Bio LPG, you will be using a 100% renewable energy source.
  • Improvement of your Building Energy Rating (BER) – Whether you are thinking of selling your home or just want to improve the cosiness of your home, adding a modern heating system is a great way to improve your home’s BER.
  • Cosy Home – With the flick of a switch you can enjoy real flames without the hassle of purchasing fuel, laying the fire, hoping it will catch and cleaning out the grate afterwards! A modern heating system also ensures your home will heat up quickly and systems can be zoned to heat different areas at different times. Coupled with smart technology, heating can also be controlled from outside of the home too.
  • Cooking – Cooking with a gas flame is easy to control, offers instant heat and easy to see that it has been turned off properly.
  • Running Appliances & Heating Water – From gas driers to fires and cookers to water heaters, gas is quick and instant and can save money when compared to electric options. With certain gas boilers, you also have the option of hot water on demand so no more waiting for the immersion to heat up before you shower!
  • Connect to Natural Gas – Many homes and businesses in Ireland who are still using oil are close enough to the natural gas line to connect. Natural gas is piped directly into your home/business and takes away the need for a tank, oil/gas deliveries and is always there when you need it!
  • Tank – If connecting to the natural gas grid is not an option for you, you have the option of tanked gas such as LPG or Bio LPG, which will enable you to enjoy all the benefits of natural gas in your home.
  • Retrofitting your home to make it more energy efficient is being encouraged to help Ireland with our green agenda. Upgrading to a new gas heating system, especially Bio LPG should be considered, as it can be less disruptive and better value than other options.

The Benefits of Switching to Calor Gas

switching to Calor Gas

Switching to gas is a great option and Calor Gas offer easy switching options to BioLPG, a 100% renewable energy source.

I myself switched to Calor Gas a few years ago now and it really was hassle free. Calor sent an energy consultant out to see us and assess what was needed. They arranged to have our old tank taken away and installed the new tank in a matter of hours.

One of the greatest benefits for me is that Calor offer an automatic top up service, where they remotely monitor how full your tank is, so you don’t have to keep checking to see if you are nearing time for re-fill.

What initially prompted my change was that I ran out of gas 2 days before Christmas and couldn’t get a fill until after Christmas day with my old supplier!

I can honestly say switching to Calor Gas has been one of the best decisions I have made when it has come to home improvements. I use it for cooking and heating. It is clean, efficient and cost effective. Other benefits include:

  • Instant heat in your home at the flick of a switch
  • Zoned heating options available to install
  • Never run out of gas – Calor offer a handy automatic top up service, which they monitor
  • Easipay – flexibility to manage monthly gas bills
  • Easy flame control when cooking with a gas hob
  • Security and peace of mind as gas cannot be stolen from your tank
  • Hot water on demand if you install a combi-boiler
  • 100% renewable gas if you opt of Calor BioLPG
  • Real flame fire, without the ashes (and cleaning out arguments!)
  • Grants are available for switching to those living in the Republic of Ireland

Free Boiler When You Switch

Switch today and you could get an A-rated boiler for *FREE! *T&C’s apply. Offer ends 31.12.21

switching to gas Calor

Switching to Gas is Easy

Whether you are renovating your home or are currently using LPG, electricity or have an oil central heating system, switching is hassle free.

Simply register your interest and Calor will arrange for an energy consultant to assess your energy needs. They will work to get you the best deal on converting your home to Calor Gas, and help you figure out the best payment options for your family.

If your boiler needs to be changed, they work with your chosen RGII gas installer, or recommend one to you, to fit a new, A-rated LPG boiler. Once this is connected to your tank your are ready to get your first gas fill.

Switch before December 31st 2021 and you could qualify for a *FREE A-rated boiler. *T&C’s apply

Switching to Gas

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