Top Tips from Parents for Attending Your Child’s School Concert

Jill Holtz

December 11, 2019

school concert

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Is your school holding a Christmas pageant or end of year show? Do you have a ballet show or piano recital to go to? If you are about to head to watch your child perform then be aware, there are some tips and tricks that will help make the experience even better! Here are top tips from parents for attending your child’s school concert:

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As a parent of two kids who have gone through and are going through secondary school, I have gone to plenty end of year shows and holiday concerts. There are definitely things that are worth doing to make sure the experience is comfortable and as enjoyable as it can be.

Top Tips From Parents For Attending Your Child’s School Concert

#1. Wear Layers

At most concerts I’ve gone to at school it’s always too hot in the auditorium, especially for winter shows. So wearing layers that you can take off and put on helps avoid the overheating scenario.

Likewise, I’ve also been in a couple of colder places where it helped to have a sweater to keep warm.

#2. Bring Cash

For the inevitable raffle tickets… Or your child may want to go and get a treat with their friends afterwards.

#3. Park Strategically

Obviously this only works if you get there early but when you arrive, think about how you can park to make your getaway as fast as possible at the end. Believe me you’ll want to zoom away and not get stuck in a queue of cars leaving.

This is especially true if you have brought younger siblings who, by the end of the show, are well past their bedtimes and visibly drooping.

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carols by candlelight and other carol concerts

#4. Check On Photos/Videos Policy

Check with your child’s school/creche that it’s ok to take photos or video on the night. It depends on the school.

By the way, according to the Irish Data Protection Commission, there is nothing in the GDPR preventing people from taking photos at school events, particularly where they are done in a purely personal capacity (and not used in any commercial context or published online).

#5. Don’t Forget To Charge

Speaking of photos, make sure you charge your phone or camera before the show. Or bring a power bank if your battery is old, to make sure you don’t run out of charge at a critical point in the proceedings.

#6. Don’t Arrive Late

You will end up with the crap seat at the back. Need I say more?

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#7. Bring a Bottle of Water

It can be a long time until refreshments at the interval or end of the concert so bring your keep bottle or canteen so you can sip away during the concert.

#8. Your Child’s Appearance May Be Short

The chances are it will be two minutes of your child and two hours of everyone else’s kids, so just be prepared for that. Obviously if your child is playing the lead in the musical or play then you’ll get to enjoy a bit more of them.

#9. There Will Always Be A Parent Standing Up In Front Of You

Be prepared for excited parents standing up in front of you with their iPads to film their beloved child, managing to block your view at the same time.

ballet performance

#10. Bring A Change of Clothes

If your child goes to the concert or show in a costume, you might want to bring a change of clothes in case they want to change out of their costume to go home.

#11. Bring Wet Wipes

Bring some wet wipes to take off any make up. Also handy for other hand wiping if they’ve enjoyed a treat at the end of the concert or show.

#12. Bring Tissues

You might find a pack of tissue handy, just in case you feel emosh.

#13. Keep A Hold Of Your Child’s Coat

Take your child’s jacket or coat from them before they go backstage, so it doesn’t get lost in the melee.

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#14. Don’t Forget To Invite The Grandparents

Remember to invite the grandparents, if space and/or the school/creche allows, they will adore the chance to watch their grandchild in action.

#15. Practice Your Poker/Delighted Face!

Not every act or performance will be delightful but you will need to smile broadly and clap loudly (even if you aren’t liking it). Remember it’s not a talent show and every parent is proud of their own child.

#16. If Bringing Younger Siblings…

If you are bringing along younger siblings, sit near an exit so that if they get bored, you can escape with them for awhile. Have dinner early that day, there’s nothing worse than hungry younger siblings grumbling. And make sure to have some snacks and entertainment to keep them occupied (and quiet!).

Over to you now. Any other tips for parents for going to their child’s school concert? Do share them with us in the comments below. 

Top Tips From Parents for Attending Your Child's School Concert

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