5 Sure-Fire Ways to Help Keep Back to School Germs at Bay

Emily Manning

August 28, 2021

Keep back to school germs at bay - Mykidstime

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As our kids head back to school and flu season sets in, it’s important to develop positive habits to help keep those pesky back to school germs and viruses at bay. This has never been more important than it is now, as we deal with the impact of Coronavirus.

Back to school season is a time of change. From the weather cooling down, to new classroom environments and more people to interact with, it is often a time that children can become unwell or run down. Developing positive hygiene habits can help keep your home free from back to school germs and viruses.

Get Rid of Back to School Germs

#1. Encourage a Regular Hand-Washing Routine

washing hands for good hand hygiene

Hand washing is going to remain one of cornerstones of public health for the foreseeable, so it’s good to implement habits form an early stage. Start a routine for this with kids before they leave the house, when they come in from school, activities, etc and encourage them to use hand sanitiser when they are out and about.

For younger children, make it fun by singing a song (like ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘The Wheels on the Bus’) each time to help them to remember.

The new 100% plant-based Milton Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser, which is effective on viruses including Coronavirus, can be used by the whole family, including children from 3 months up.

2. Avoid ‘Bag-teria’

Schoolbags can be a breeding ground for germs. From hands grabbing them to being tossed on the ground or rubbed against walls, busses and cars, they don’t stay clean for long.

To keep ‘bag-teria’ at bay, leave antibacterial wipes and spray by the front door for kids to wipe down or spray their bags when they come home each day.

#3. Wipe Down Door Handles

In a busy household, little and big hands can travel far and wide, so to ensure your home is kept clean from bacteria and viruses, wipe down door handles daily with Milton Antibacterial wipes with no need to rinse!

From the front door to the car, set a time each day to give them a quick clean. Include the kids by making it part of their pre or post school routine or chores for the week.

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#4. Teach the Little Ones Germ Etiquette

hacks for parents for organising toys

In a group setting like school or creche, it’s important that each family plays their part to keep everyone safe. Teaching your little ones about germ etiquette is a great way to do this. Remind them to cough into the crook of their arm, not their hands, and keep tissue at the ready (making sure to dispose of them and wash hands immediately).

Depending on their age, children may be tempted to share items like food or drinks. Make it clear to them that while sharing toys is nice, sharing things that touch your mouth is a no-no.

#5. Spend Time Outside

school safety rules

Fresh air and sunlight are good for children’s health so, weather permitting, encourage outdoor activities and play dates where possible.

If walking to school is an option, this is a great way to start the day. At home, leave windows open to allow clean air to circulate in bedrooms and living spaces.

With thanks to Milton for these tips on keeping back to school germs at bay. 

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Help Keep Back to School Germs at Bay – Mykidstime

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