Here are the School Holidays 2020-2021

Jill Holtz

June 14, 2020

School holidays 2020

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Knowing the school holidays in advance can help you plan vacations and childcare, so if you’re wondering when are the school holidays this year for where you live, here are the school holidays 2020, with dates into 2021 for schools in different places.

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Due to Covid-19, the next school year is bound to be different to normal. Each country, area or individual school may have plans as to how best to reopen safely for students, teachers and staff. However, the following term holidays are currently in place. We will update as we become aware of any major changes.

There are guidelines now in place in many schools to discourage parents removing their children unnecessarily (apart from illness) during term-time – in some places for example, you even risk being fined for taking your child out of school without permission! So it pays to be savvy about when your child is meant to be in school.

Here are The School Holidays for 2020-2021

School Holidays 2020/2021 in Ireland

school holidays 2017 and 2018 Ireland

October Mid-Term Break: Monday 26th October 2020 to Friday 30th October 2020 inclusive

December Christmas Holidays: All schools from Tuesday 22nd December 2020, reopening Wednesday 6th January 2021

February Mid-Term Break: Secondary schools close Monday 15th February to Friday 19th February 2021 inclusive. Primary schools close Thursday 18th February and Friday 19th February 2021 (may extend to 5 day break).

March St Patrick’s Day: Tuesday 17th March

April Easter Holidays: All schools will close on Friday 26th March 2021, re-opening Monday 12th April 2021.

May Bank Holiday: Monday 3rd May 2021

June Bank Holiday: Monday 7th June 2021

The Department of Education website has all the details.

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School Holidays 2020/2021 in England

School Holidays 2017 and 2018 England

Dates may vary by area.

Start of new school year: Wednesday 2nd September 2020

October Half Term: Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October inclusive

Christmas Holiday: Monday 21st December 2020 until Sunday 3rd January 2021

February Half Term: Monday 15th February to Friday 19th February 2021 inclusive

Easter Holiday: Monday 2nd April to Friday 16th April 2021 inclusive

Early May Bank Holiday: Monday 3rd May 2021

May/June Half Term: Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June 2021 inclusive

Last Day of Summer Term: Wednesday 23rd July 2021

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School Holidays 2020/2021 in Wales

Return Date for Pupils: Wednesday 2nd September 2020

October half term: 26th October – 30th October 2020

Christmas holidays: 21st December 2020 – 4th Jan 2021

Spring half term: 15th – 19th February 2021

Easter holidays: 20th March – 9th April 2021

May Bank Holiday: Monday 3rd May 2021

Summer half term 2021: 31st May – 4th June 2021

Summer holiday 2021: Starts 21st July 2021

More details by area here.

School Holidays 2020/2021 in Scotland

School Holidays 2017 and 2018 Scotland

Dates may vary by area.

Return Date for Pupils: Monday 11th August 2020

September Weekend: Friday 16th – Monday 21st September 2020 inclusive.

First Mid-Term: Monday 12th to Tuesday 27th October 2020.

Christmas Holiday: Wednesday 23rd December 2020 to Thursday 7th January 2021.

Second Mid-Term:  Monday 8th to Monday 15th February 2021 inclusive.

Spring Holiday: Thursday 1st to Monday 19th April 2021.

May Day: Monday 3rd May 2021

In-service day – all schools: Monday 24th May 2021

Schools Close: Schools close Friday 2nd July 2021

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School Holidays 2020/2021 in the USA

School Holidays 2017 and 2018 in the USA

Dates vary by state and school district but broadly speaking term and holiday dates this year are:

School Reopens: Thursday 2nd September 2020

Thanksgiving Break: 25th to 27th November 2020

Winter Break: Monday 21st December 2020 to Friday 1st January 2021

Midwinter Break: Monday 15th February – Tuesday 16th February 2021

Spring Break: Monday 5th – Friday 9th April 2021.

School Closes: 15th June 2021

School Holidays 2020/2021 in Australia

School Holidays 2017 and 2018 in Australia

Find out about the current year and next year’s term dates for Australia’s state and territory government schools.

If you live in another country and would like us to add your school dates, contact us and we’ll be happy to add them!

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School holidays 2020

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