Grab Your Daily Tip on Our September Back to School Calendar

Jill Holtz

September 1, 2021

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Back to school is such a busy time for parents, between getting used to schedules and new routines, organising drop offs and pickups, and signing up for new activities, it can be hectic! So we asked parents for their best back to school advice. Grab your daily tip on our handy Back to School Calendar. We guarantee by the end of the month you’ll have your school routine streamlined!

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We wanted to put something together for parents to help with Back to School, so we’ve compiled a special back to school calendar for the month of September. There’s a handy tip or piece of advice, all tried-and-tested by parents!

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Enjoy the calendar!

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Back to School Calendar

Here is the calendar for September, and we’ve listed all the tips and helpful hints from parents below to help with each day too.

Back to school calendar 2021

  • Wednesday 1st: Set up your child’s homework space
  • Thursday 2nd: Check offers at the moment when shopping on non perishable lunch stuff to buy in bulk
  • Friday 3rd: Have a basket full of hand sanitisers and wipes for quick access when going to and from school.
  • Saturday 4th: Set the alarm half an hour earlier, you’ll be less rushed getting ready for school.
  • Sunday 5th: Bake something healthy for school lunches this week like flapjacks or carrot muffins
  • Monday 6th: Get everything ready the night before including lunch
  • Tuesday 7th: Ask your child a question from our list of ‘what happened at school’ questions
  • Wednesday 8th: Make a no-sandwich lunch for a change
  • Thursday 9th: Get at least one other parent’s number from your child’s class so you have a back up person
  • Friday 10th: Don’t forget to empty the school bags
  • Saturday 11th: Check what after school clubs / activities are running
  • Sunday 12th: Give those lunchboxes a good scrub out
  • Monday 13th: Do your weekly comb to check for the dreaded…
  • Tuesday 14th: Get your child to memorise one parent’s mobile number
  • Wednesday 15th: Talk about safety and set up a safe word
  • Thursday 16th: Get a copy of your child’s timetable (secondary)
  • Friday 17th: Ask your child have they made any new friends and ask what they like about them, etc.
  • Saturday 18th:  Take note of school holidays and in-service days and parent teacher meetings
  • Sunday 19th: Check school bags regularly for school notes or invitations.
  • Monday 20th: Have a dedicated storage area where the back packs, gym bags and coats will go.
  • Tuesday 21st: Get your child out of their uniform as soon as they get home, check for stains and do quick rinse if needed. More tips on keeping your child’s uniform.
  • Wednesday 22nd: Write a “love note” or print a joke for their lunchbox
  • Thursday 23rd: Have some extra change at hand to give the children for lockers, school insurance, after school activities, school diaries etc. if these aren’t on a school payment scheme.
  • Friday 24th: Create a family schedule and put it where everyone can see it
  • Saturday 25th: Set up a school folder to hold all the information that comes back from school
  • Sunday 26th: Set up a supply stash with pencils, erasers, sharpeners, copy books.
  • Monday 27th: Set aside time each week to do something special together as a family either watch a family movie, go for a walk or visit a park, beach or other place you all enjoy going together.
  • Tuesday 28th: Create a lunchbox cupboard where the lunchboxes, containers, flasks etc get stored at weekends.
  • Wednesday 29th: You can’t pour from an empty cup, remember to take care of yourself first…
  • Thursday 30th: Deep breath, yay we got to the end of the first month of school!

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