10 Simple Tips for Making School Mornings Easier


August 26, 2018

school uniform helping child settle at school

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Are school mornings in your house just one crazy panic to get the kids up, fed, dressed, and into the car, with your sanity barely intact? You might sometimes shout, perhaps even lose your temper, as your kids meander around the house, dithering over socks! If you want to avoid mornings like that, Mykidstime parents agree that organisation and planning is the key. Here are 10 simple tips for making school mornings easier.

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A survey of 1,000 Mums on Morning Priorities revealed some interesting answers when they were asked “What is your biggest morning priority?”:

1. Hair and make up 90%
2. Kids breakfast 82%
3. Shower 78%
4. Cup of coffee / tea 68%
5. Packed lunches 52%
6. Kids ready for school 50%
7. Check social media / emails 24%
8. Put the washing on 20%
9. Tidying up after breakfast 14%
10. Exercise 6%

10 Simple Tips for Making School Mornings Easier

#1. Early to Bed

girl sleeping

During school time, have an early regular bedtime routine for the kids, and stick to it. If the kids have had sufficient sleep, there will be less fights to get them up in the morning. This goes for the parents too – make sure you are getting enough sleep, as being overtired can lead to hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock repeatedly.

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#2. Good planning

Plan ahead – weekly food/dinner and activity schedule. Have a calendar in a prominent place and mark all school events (dress-up days etc) in that. Make sure to look at the calendar the evening before, to see if any sports bags or other items are needed for the next day in school or after school, and have them packed and ready to go that evening.

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#3. Homework after school

Get into a habit of getting the kids to do their homework once they are home from school. Ensure all homework is done the evening before – no last minute morning homework, or project completion over breakfast.

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#4. Check School Bags

school uniform tips for buying school shoes

Make sure you check with kids, or check their bags (when they come home) for any notes/anything required for school the next day. Write any notes for teachers the night before, and place back in schoolbags.

If you have a number of kids, might be good to get in-trays for each child, and they can leave their notes for you in their own tray, and collect it again when packing their bags before school.

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5. Have Lunches Made

Make lunches and store in fridge overnight – we have also lots of ideas for lunchbox suggestions here. Plan ahead with this free lunch box ideas planner to help you get super organised, and add some variety to your child’s lunches.

You could go one step further and freeze sandwiches for the week. We liked these tips for freezing sandwiches on frostbitefood.com.

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