Lego Batman Party Ideas to Make You a Superhero


December 22, 2016

lego batman party

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The LEGO® Batman Movie arrives in February 2017. Children everywhere will want a Lego Batman party to wow their friends! Check out our Lego Batman Party ideas to Make You a Superhero. Kapow Wham Bam let the party begin!

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Lego Batman Party Invitations

lego batman party invitations

Image from Lego

How about sending each guest their own Superhero mask as their party invite? have a template to use to print those out.

Alternatively you could send out passes to visit the bat cave (aka your party venue) to each guest.

Lego Batman Party Dress Code

Lego Batman Party

It has to be superhero of course! You could ask each child to come as their favourite character from The Lego Movie or Batman movies, or they could get creative and design their own superhero costume to wear.

Lego Batman Party Decorations

Lego Batman Party

    • If you want to go all out you could create your very own Bat Cave to host the party in. Use grey blankets to create the cave effect and create a large computer control centre on cardboard to put along one wall. Add Lego shaped backs to chairs and you could try your hand at creating the Batmobile out of cardboard.
    • Alternatively if you have small numbers coming, you could serve food in the Bat Cave which can be created using a grey tent and decorated with paper bats.
    • For those of us that are less adventurous, use some black card or paper to create bats to hang from every surface in the house. Along with black and yellow balloons and some of the trademark phrases in red and yellow, like the one above.
    • You could also create a fun photo opportunity by setting up Lego Batman and Robin cardboard cutout with holes for little heads to poke through.

Lego Batman Party Food

Lego Batman Party Cake from Catia Festas Facebook

Image from Facebook

For the party food if you have a bat shaped cutter (we found them on and you could create

    • Bat shaped pizza slices
    • Bat shaped sandwiches
    • Bat shaped biscuits
    • Add some Lego Buns, like the ones below
    • Superhero Noodles
    • Superhero Cookies
    • Red, blue and yellow sweets in jars with the bat symbol
    • Marshmallows dipped in black sprinkles and skewered with red, yellow and blue straws make a good likeness to Batman.
    • The cake can be created using 3 round cakes, getting smaller as they rise. Cover in grey, black and yellow fondant and create Gotham City and include a bat mask. See the image above for inspiration.

Lego Batman Party

Lego Batman Party Games

Lego Batman Party

Image from Pinterest

  • Pin the Mask on Batman, ideally draw your Lego Batman on cardboard and create some bat masks for the kids to stick as close to his eyes as possible, while they are blindfolded.
  • Get crafty by asking guests to create their own bat masks or make bats from black paper and stick on googly eyes.
  • Freeze Dance, musical statues with a different name!
  • Lego Memory game using a tray with different lego characters on it.
  • Set up a Batman obstacle course challenge.
  • Riddle off; create some riddles for guests to solve and the final answer gives them a clue to where they can find treasure. If you have a large group, split them in 2 and see which team solves the riddles first.
  • Batman and Robin three legged races.

Lego Batman Party Bags

Lego Batman Party

  • You could add some fun lego crayons to party bags.
  • A Lego Batman or other Lego mini figure.
  • Red, yellow, black and blue sweets
  • Joke Books
  • Mini Bat
  • Bat mask
  • Mini Torch
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Do you have any fun Lego Batman party ideas? Please share them in the comments box below. 

Lego batman party

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