Mattel Launches a New Recycled Barbie Doll Range

Jill Holtz

July 1, 2021

barbie loves the ocean

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The classic toy brand is going green with the launch of a new recycled Barbie Doll collection “Barbie Loves The Ocean”. According to the Mattel-owned brand, ‘The Future of Pink is Green’, playing on the long time association of pink with Barbie.

The New Barbie Loves the Ocean Range

Barbie Loves the Ocean, is the first fashion doll collection made of recycled ocean-bound plastic.

The new collection includes three dolls of different body types and ethnicities that are made from 90% recycled plastic parts. There are also playsets and accessories in the range.

Barbie’s Commitment to Going Green

barbie loves the ocean playset

Barbie plans to achieve 95% recycled plastic content for its dolls and for its packaging to use 95% paper and cardboard created responsibly from forests by the end of 2021.

Mattel has also committed to using 100% recycled, recyclable or bio-based plastic materials in products and packaging by 2030.

If your Barbie fan is interested, they can also view tips from Barbie about how to protect the planet on the Barbie YouTube channel.

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Barbie Has Changed

In recent times, Barbie has striven to change its image from one of unrealistic female representation to a brand that encourages female empowerment and imaginative play.

“We’ve made great strides with representation, showcasing diversity in our product line. Barbie has also stood for empowerment and equal opportunity, so sustainability is the next big pillar,” says Lisa McKnight, senior VP and global head of Barbie and dolls at Mattel.

Barbie and Empathy

In May Barbie released a video all about how children playing with dolls can help develop empathy.

Mattel describes the video: “Empathy is so important to building a better world! A recent study showed that when kids play with dolls it activates the part of the brain related to empathy. If playing with dolls can help a child develop empathy, then a doll can help change the world.”

The study referred to research at Cardiff University, the world’s first neuroscience study of doll play that showed that dolls can aid with the development of key skills: they help children understand how other people think and interact with each other.

A team of psychologists at the University monitored the brain activity of 42 girls and boys, aged between 4 and 8 years, using neuroimaging technology, as they played with a range of Barbie dolls. They found evidence that even when playing with dolls alone, children’s brains are active in similar ways to when they interact with other people.

barbie and empathy

Dr Sarah Gerson from Cardiff University’s Centre for Human Developmental Science, explains that “the areas of the brain which are responsible for empathy and social information processing – areas which help us to collaborate, cooperate and resolve conflicts – ‘lit up’ when kids played with dolls, even when playing on their own – and more than when they were playing on an electronic tablet.”

It’s great to see Barbie being used to promote empathy and imaginative play as well as committing to being more eco-friendly.

Barbie loves the ocean

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