12 Low Cost or Free Gift Ideas for New Mothers

Jill Holtz

January 23, 2021

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If you have a friend or close family member with a bump/new baby and you’re looking for a nice gift, these 12 suggestions for low cost or free gift ideas for new mothers are bound to be well-received. And mums having their second, third or beyond child would also appreciate these!

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Of course it’s so nice to receive gifts for your newborn baby, but a little TLC for the mum is also gratefully received. My brother and sister-in-law offered to look after our first daughter when she was only a few weeks old so we could go to see a movie. It was one of the best presents we got!

Designer baby gear and high-end items are stunning, there’s no doubt – however, babies grow out of things quickly and new mums will ALWAYS appreciate a meal they haven’t had to cook themselves. These gift ideas for new mothers are guaranteed to be well-received!

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Low Cost or Free Gift Ideas for New Mothers

#1. Offer to Cook Dinner

mexican tortilla bake casserole

Cooking dinner for the new parents is a lovely gift, it saves them even thinking about that while they get used to new baby and a new routine.

Freezer-friendly meals that are healthy, filling and easy to eat while juggling a new baby are particularly great.

“When my best friend had her little boy I made lasagne, shepherds pie, stew, portioned it and brought it to her. She said it was the best gift ever.”

#2. Vouchers for Babysitting

Vouchers for babysitting always go down well. It doesn’t even have to be for a night out, it could be an offer of babysitting so they can shower or sleep!

“I got the best present ever off a friend when I had my little lad a few months ago. She made vouchers for free babysitting, doing my shopping for me, making me dinner and bringing me out for the day for lunch. Thought it was the nicest gift I got, she really thought about it.”

#3. Gift of Babysitting for a Weekend Away

When the new parents are in a routine and ready for a break away, if you can’t stretch to the actual weekend away itself, then an offer to take their child(ren) will be gratefully received.

“I gave a gift of a weekend away to a friend once for her and her husband, which included taking her children at the same time, so that they could go alone.”

#4. Help With Cleaning

Vacuuming the floor for clean house with a dog

Offering to help with some cleaning is also a present sure to delight any mum. It’s often the last thing any new parent wants to tackle!

“When my sister had her first, I cleaned her bathrooms – she said it was the best present I could have given her.”

#5. Pedicure

Whether it is before baby arrives, when the mother-to-be may not be able to reach down to her toenails, or afterwards for a treat to make her feel special.

“When I was pregnant, my man painted my toenails for me and that was a lovely treat as I couldn’t reach them with my bump!”

#6. Beauty/Hair Voucher

Give a voucher for their favourite spa or hairdressers so they can get a treat for themselves some time later.

#7. Travel Mug

A travel mug with a lid is perfect so she can keep her coffee or tea hot and near her while feeding the baby.

#8. A Nice Notebook & Pen

notebook and pen

When you are in the fog of new motherhood, a handy notepad comes in very handy to jot down notes that you might forget, make the next shopping list or write down special moments to remember later.

#9. A Takeaway Voucher

Give the new parents a voucher for their favourite takeaway so that when they have a bad day and find it impossible to get round to cooking, they just need to order for home delivery.

#10. Hand Cream

hand cream

With all the wiping and washing, a new mum’s hands can take a beating so a tube of her favourite hand cream is definitely a welcome gift.

#11. Photo Album/Photo Subscription

Your friend or family member will take so many photos of the new baby, it’s a nice idea to give them a photo printing subscription and/or a blank photo album ready to pop them into.

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Have your say! What are your favourite gifts for new mothers? What was the best gift you received? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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