10 Quick Ways to Organise and Tidy Up the Playroom


March 13, 2019

tidy the playroom

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Do you find the kids are great at playing in the playroom, but when it comes to tidying up they are nowhere to be found? We have 10 quick ways to tidy up the playroom…and some even get the kids helping!

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Between soft toys, LEGO bricks, jigsaw pieces and craft supplies, there are lots of things that can clutter up your space.

Whether you have a dedicated playroom, a corner of the living room, or a play space in your child’s room, having some efficient ideas on how to organise and tidy up the playroom is essential – and these quick ideas will really help to make a difference!

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How to Tidy Up the Playroom

#1. Rotate Toys

Most children have an excess of toys and if the playroom is too packed, there will be no room to play, so inevitably the mess moves to other rooms!

Our top tip is to rotate toys. Take half the toys and put them in the attic, after 6 months take those out and put away the other half. It is like getting new toys every 6 months!

Don’t forget to remove batteries from toys before putting them into storage and recycle all batteries at your local recycling centre.

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#2. Use Storage Boxes

My particular favourite. I bought a storage unit with large plastic boxes, pink and purple in our house, but you can get them in a variety of colours. The girls and I grouped their toys together and added them to the boxes. We have one for art, one for dolls, and so on.

The rule is you have to put back the toys into the correct box before you empty the next one. It works most of the time anyway! And the top of the unit is just the right height for their dolls house, with a bit of room left over for colouring on too.

#3. Get the Kids Involved

One Mum awards points to her kids for each section of the playroom that they tidy up. She turns it into a treasure hunt, with rewards hidden in the mess so the children are eager to be the first to find the treasure! Ingenious.

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#4. Do a Toy Cull

I find this is best done when the kids are not around as they never ever want to get rid of their toys. Although it is great if you can get them in the habit of giving a few bits away to charity every so often so they get an understanding of helping others who may not have as much as they do.

They also don’t mind giving them to their younger cousins as they know they will still get to play with them when they visit their house.

New to me was recycling of broken toys – I was able to recycle the electronic toys at my recycling centre where access is also free for this kind of waste.

#5. Have a Tidy Up the Playroom Race!

Ok so one of our Mums has admitted that she used to sing the William Tell Overture and her kids had to tidy up the playroom before she finished singing!

Joking aside, this is actually a really quick and fun way to tidy up the playroom and if your singing voice is not up to much, you can always break out the cd player or get the kids to sing or whistle as they work! Or use an egg timer.

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#6. Use the Walls

Once the kids get to school, artwork starts to come home in abundance. Instead of trying to store it in folders and on shelves, celebrate it by decorating the playroom walls in your child’s artwork. These creative ways to organise your child’s artwork offer plenty of suggestions that will give those masterpieces the recognition they deserve!

#7. Have a Place For Everything

This will help to tidy up the playroom and keep it looking neat. And if children get used to each toy having a special place, they will automatically put that toy back to the that place when they have finished playing with it.

#8. Turn Tidying Up into a Game

Be clever with the games you choose and the kids won’t even realise they are tidying up. We play who can make the rooms in the dolls house look best. Or who can sort the LEGO pieces into colours fastest. Or who can fit the most dolls in a box. Kids are competitive by nature so they enjoy trying to beat their siblings.

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#9. Use a Rug or Toy Tidy Mat

Before your kids start to play, put a rug on the floor. Then when they have finished playing and it is time to tidy up the playroom, everything can be gathered up quickly and put away.

Or you could purchase a toy tidy mat from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com, which are designed to gather all the toys up easily and quickly after play.

#10. Do a Little Every Day

Try to tidy up a little bit every day. Maybe pick a different set of toys or books to organise and this will help keep the playroom tidy.

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Do you have any clever and quick ways to tidy up the playroom? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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