[WATCH] Sesame Street Can Help Kids Deal With Trauma

Emily Manning

October 23, 2017

help kids deal with trauma

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In a video series launched just days after the Las Vegas shootings, Sesame Street has come up with a clever, age appropriate and intelligent way to deal with tough situations. Read on to find out how Sesame Street can help kids deal with trauma.

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Sesame Street has always been quick to discuss and deal with topical matters that typical kids TV shows may shy away from. Over recent years they have introduced characters such as 7-year-old ‘food insecure’ muppet Lily, who raised awareness of the millions of children facing daily hunger, while 4-year-old Julia, a muppet with autism, joined the cast earlier this year.

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How Can Sesame Street Help Kids Deal With Trauma?

Unfortunately, the need to discuss trauma and stress with our children has become increasingly apparent. Figures show that 1 in 4 children will experience a traumatic event in their childhood, so Sesame Street has taken expert advice and developed resources to help kids deal with trauma.

Yet, this is something that isn’t easy to sit down and talk about with our kids, particularly preschoolers, but Sesame Street have managed to incorporate coping mechanisms within the show.

As the much-loved characters demonstrate how they deal with upset and stress, young children can see that it is okay to feel angry and sad. Counting helps The Count calm down, Rosita punches a pillow to relieve her frustration, Big Bird uses his imagination to find his “safe place”, and Elmo builds a blanket fort to find comfort when he is scared.

Give Yourself A Hug

One particularly lovely video is about giving yourself a hug. Hugs are a way to show love and support for people we care about. In this same way, hugging yourself is a way to help nurture your sense of self-care.

Remind kids that when they’re feeling anxious, sad, angry, or scared (or any of those feelings at the same time), a hug can feel really good.

The best thing about these Sesame Street resources is that they can be used by children to conquer everyday challenges – and they are a great reminder for parents too!

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How do your children cope with stress? Do you think Sesame Street’s tools to help kids deal with trauma and anxiety would help your child? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts – we’d love to hear from you!

help kids deal with trauma

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