10 Leaving Cert Gift Ideas for Teens that Aren’t Money

Emily Manning

August 15, 2019

Leaving Cert gift ideas (1)

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With the Leaving Cert results due imminently, are you wondering about what gifts (if any) to give? If the idea of putting money in a card doesn’t appeal to you, what about one of these 10 Leaving Cert gift ideas that aren’t money.

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We asked you on the Mykidstime Facebook page what you thought about Leaving Cert gift ideas – are gifts expected? If so, does this extend to your friends’ children, neighbours’ kids, your child’s classmates? Tell us what you think is acceptable in the comments below.

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Leaving Cert Gift Ideas

#1. Sign Up to a Streaming Service

Netflix, Audible, Spotify and similar streaming services will be happily received, and are a great idea for teens preparing to move away from home.

#2. Makeover Time!

Leaving Cert gift ideas

After the stress of exams and waiting for the dreaded results, you could make time for a pampering day with your teen. What about a mani-pedi session, a new haircut, or a makeup session at a beauty counter with some goodies to take home?

#3. Pack Up a Food Hamper

Moving away from home for college is a daunting and often expensive time. Why not create a basket of goodies as a great send-off gift?

The hamper could be pantry essentials (tea, coffee, oils, sugar, jam, sauces, pasta and so on) to help set your teen up for life away from home – or perhaps a themed basked of their favourite sweets and treats?

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#4. Time for a Coffee Break?

Leaving cert gift ideas

Is your teen a coffee drinker? What about their own coffee machine so they can brew up before heading off to classes? A quick and easy alternative to their own coffee machine is a voucher for a coffee shop so they can indulge in caffeine at any time.

#5. Kitchen Skills

Your teen may need some help in the kitchen to prepare them for living away from home. Make sure they have the basics, either by teaching them yourself or enrolling them in a cookery class. A few staple meals under their belt, and then at least you know they can keep themselves fed. Pair your cookery lessons with some suitable cookbooks – Save With Jamie by Jamie Oliver, Mary Berry’s How to Cook or Delia’s How to Cook are all good starting points.

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#6. A Monthly Subscription

There are lots of subscription options that are ideal for teens – and a monthly delivery is like the gift that keeps on giving! Choose anything from magazines to makeup or beauty products to healthy snack deliveries!

#7. Smartphone Gadgets

Leaving Cert gift ideasGadgets of any description are a great idea for teens, and something for their phone is perfect. What about a Lumee phone cover with a light that helps take the perfect selfie, bluetooth speakers or headphones, ring light, pop stoppers for perfectly angled viewing, or one of these Luckies smartphone projectors (available from Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Easons, or direct from Luckies).

#8. Vouchers

Okay, so this is pretty close to giving cash, but vouchers do offer a huge range of possibilities – clothes, stationery, sporting equipment, restaurants, cinema, bowling, activity days, supermarkets, music downloads, book shops, transport, weekend breaks, beautician, hairdressers…the list is endless.

#9. Household Essentials

Is your teen moving away from home for further studies? Stock up on household essentials to ensure their move is as seamless as possible. Depending on whether they are sharing a house, living on campus, or setting up on their own, they may need basic kitchen equipment, bed linen and towels, cleaning supplies, and all the less-glamourous items that we tend to forget!

#10. Do Your Laundry or You’ll Die Alone

Leaving Cert gift ideas

Do Your Laundry or You’ll Die Alone manages to be both informative and hilarious in one go.

If you have ever wondered whether you managed to pass on all the essential info to your teen, this is the book for you.

Author Becky Blades has compiled the best snippets of advice all mothers want to impart, covering everything from posture to finances. Don’t miss such classics as “a bad attitude makes your butt look big”.

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10 Leaving Cert Gift Ideas for Teens that Aren't Money - Mykidstime

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