12 Halloween Hairstyles for Kids to Spook, Scare and Delight!

Emily Manning

October 16, 2020

Halloween activities

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If you’re looking for something fun for school in the run up to Halloween, or a hairstyle to complement your child’s costume, you’ll love these great ideas. Better still, they’re quick, easy and require no crazy skills. Try these Halloween hairstyles for kids to spook, scare and delight – we’re hooked!

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I am not one of those mothers that can do wrap-around Heidi-style braids or ones that seem to effortlessly twist and turn around my child’s head. No. We are a simple plait kind of a house – maybe a French plait if I have lots of time, patience and she sits still long enough. Definitely nothing fancy! So when my daughter came home with a request for a spider bun like her friend had rocked up with, I panicked!

Having now come out the other side of the Halloween hair drama, I wanted to share some of the other fun Halloween hairstyles that your kids will love.

(…and if they don’t work, back-comb it to epic proportions and tell her she’s going as a witch or bride of Frankenstein!)

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Halloween Hairstyles

#1. Spider Mania

Halloween hairstyles for kids

Image: Princess Piggies

Princess Piggies used little plastic spider rings, threaded through plaits, to create a spooky Halloween hairstyle that will thrill little kids!

I tried this with normal plaits (and French) and it worked well – having a long-handled comb helped to pull the hair through the spider rings.

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#2. Mini Spider Web

Brown Haired Bliss managed to create a pretty Halloween hairstyle that works for long or short hair alike. It’s also not over the top, so is suitable for a fun daytime style.

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#3. Mysterious Mummy

Halloween hairstyles for kids

Image: Princess Piggies

How cool is this?! Create your own mummy-inspired halloween hairstyle with this step-by-step from Princess Piggies. This would be the perfect look to go with a wicked witch or ghoulish ghost costume!

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#4. Cat-tastic!

Beauty by Jasminee’s cat bun is brilliant, and is another great example of a Halloween hairstyle that only requires a few simple items. Also, very doable for those of us who are, um, challenged when it comes to 15-strand braids…

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#5. Silly Spider Bun

Halloween hairstyles for kids

Image: Simple As That

This spider bun from Simple As That is fantastic and was the original request from my daughter!

Using just pipe cleaners, hair clips, a black pom pom and some googly eyes, this is a really effective (and fun!) look – and one of our favourite halloween hairstyles!

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#6. Eyeball Bun

Dodie702‘s scary eyeball bun is a brilliant way to add a little Halloween spook!

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#7. Braided Cat Ears

Skip the expensive shop-bought costumes and hair accessories, especially when you can create this fun cat ear hairstyle!

Cute Girls Hairstyles uses black pipe cleaners as the third strand of a normal plait – check out her full instructions, as well as the top tip to swap in red pipe cleaners for a devil’s horn alternative.

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#8. Hair Horns

Halloween hairstyles

Image: Pinterest

We found this fun step-by-step tutorial on Pinterest that shows just how to make little hair horns! This would be great for zombies, demons, little devils and more!

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#9. Pumpkin Spice!

Mykidstime Halloween hairstyles

A little coloured hairspray can transform a bun into a little pumpkin! Follow the step-by-step instructions over on Infarrantly Creative.

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#10. Mini Spider Buns


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The spider bun we love above has a cute little sister in this space buns version that’s perfect for younger children. This time, instead of using craft eyes, the look has been created with those chunky plastic eye rings that always seem to be found in party bags.

You could leave out the pipe cleaners and just use the eyes for a monster look too.

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#11. Skeleton Bones

This is simple enough to actually do, but cool enough to wear for Halloween. The spacing of the loops on the plait create a ribcage effect that looks brilliant.

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#12. Snakes on the Loose

Keep it simple, particularly for toddlers, and clip in a toy snake to a straightforward plait – effective, quick and fun!

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Halloween hairstyles for kids

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