Make Chores and Daily Tasks Easier with a Free Chore Chart for Kids

Emily Manning

May 27, 2019

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If you’re looking for a fun and visual way to track your child’s chores, while also giving them the independence to complete tasks on their own, you’ll love our free chore chart for kids!

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My daughter loves a list and if I write it down, it’s more likely to get done. Even when she was a toddler, I would draw little stick figure pictures on a page (badly) to show her what happened each day – breakfast, getting dressed, hair and teeth, playground and so on.

Once she moved on from the preschooler stage, I let the lists lapse. And while she still knew what needed to get done, all of a sudden there was a lot more tension and more nagging.

We recently reverted to a chore list for daily tasks, and the change was almost immediate. I was no longer screeching ‘have you brushed your teeth’ morning and night (and, to be honest, annoying her as much as myself) – I could check the list, then offer some pointed reminders about whatever was still outstanding.

At this tween stage, every question seems to be annoying – so if I can avoid the sighing, stomping and whining I’m going to grab that chance!

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Why Use a Chore Chart?

Downloadable chore chart for kidsThere’s definitely something satisfying and fulfilling about ticking something off on your to-do list. We find this as adults, but kids are the same. It’s like a fun scavenger hunt to get involved with.

And as long as the chores or tasks aren’t too lengthy or difficult for them to do, you’ll find this chore chart to be a great way to limit how much you are repeating yourself on a daily basis!

Download and print off our free chore chart here, and then fill it in with the daily tasks and jobs your child should be doing.

This could be as simple as ‘get dressed’, ‘brush your teeth’ and ‘clear your plate’ or it could be more substantial chores for older children.

Stick the list up somewhere accessible and make sure to leave a pencil nearby for them to tick off their progress.

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Did you find this chore chart for kids useful? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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