What is the One Thing Parents Miss Most About Life Pre-Baby?

Jill Holtz

July 24, 2019

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We asked Mykidstime parents to tell us what is the one thing they miss most about pre-kids. We thought sleep would be the most popular answer but some of the other ones we can definitely identify with! Find out what is the One Thing Parents Miss Most About Pre Baby:

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“In all honesty, just being able to do what I want without having to consider someone else’s welfare above my own wants. Now in saying that, I wouldn’t change it for the world!” Andrea C

“Sleep. And being able to go wherever, whenever without consideration to the children. That all said, I sure do love the little buggers! ❤️” Ginger L

“The spontaneity of being able to go to the pub, restaurant or movie without having to organise babysitters but like the others wouldn’t change it for anything !!!” Libby F

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“Going out early in the evening, five ish and coming home around nine, simple things really. Oh and sleeping, accurately sleeping until eleven or twelve, heaven” Maria F

“Just getting up and walking out the door without having to get someone else ready and fed and a bag packed etc 🙄” Siobhan R

“Honestly, nothing. Being a mum is my greatest achievement and watching the 4 people I helped create grow is a great blessing and I wouldn’t change a single thing x” Lisa C

“Having something, anything, that’s my own and I don’t have to share” Shannon N

“Sleep and sex but I love my little monster more than anything in this world.” Amy D

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“Quiet time … do boys ever shut up and stop moving unless they’re asleep!” Tammy N

“Adults only dinners. Can’t exactly go to Longhorns with my crazy kids.” Rachel J

“Having a job and not worrying about the child care and cost of it 😊” Emma D

“Being able to go for a drink or the cinema or a coffee at the last minute..” Ali O’C

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“Sleeping and the ability to do whatever i want without having to worry about three other littles…..” Ashley F

“Waking up naturally without been woken up, showers on my own” Lorna W

“Freedom to do what I wanted when I wanted but I would never regret the kids they are my heart and soul” Natasha H

“Nothing I can’t even remember I am so fulfilled with having my children!” Robin D

“The only thing is sleep. Other than that everything is perfect. In fact my body is probably better lol” Alison H

“Lazy Sundays!” Vicky B

“Lie ins and a social life” Caroline T

“My figure lol” Lola S

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“Weekend benders😅” Nichola J

“Money😂😂😂” Joe P

“Me time!” Joanne H

“A full night’s sleep…” Eileen O’S

“Travel!” Mags B

“Being able to afford holidays” Laura T

“Having all my money to myself.” Tracey L

“Linen table cloths!” Jennifer H

What do you miss most?

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The One Thing Parents Miss Most About Pre Baby - Mykidstime

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