10 Super Handy Camping Hacks for the Best Camping Trip Ever

Jill Holtz

March 4, 2015

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When you go camping with kids, there’s always so much gear to organise, pack up, unpack, set up! Check out these 10 super handy camping hacks for the best camping trip ever!

10 Super Handy Camping Hacks

#1. Freeze Juice or Water

Either freeze juice cartons or gallons of water to use in your coolbox as ice packs.

I have found the tetrapak juice cartons the best because they don’t take as much room.

water bottles

#2. Consider using Polenta instead of Pasta

Polenta can be bought ready-cooked, perfect for slicing and frying up in a pan or grilling over a BBQ.

Or you might like to cook couscous which is very quick to cook, it only requires some boiling water and to be left for a few minutes to steam cook, instead of having to wait for pasta or potatoes.


#3. Portable Campfire or BBQ Starter

This is a great idea from Sewmanyways to fill a cardboard (not styrofoam) egg carton with ready to light charcoal to boost up your campfire or bbq quickly and easily plus the egg box is easy to transport.

fire starter egg box


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#4. Pack a Mini First Aid Kit in a Prescription Bottle

Chasinggreen.org has this good suggestion, to reuse a prescription bottle as a mini First Aid Kit for camping.

Pop in some plasters/bandaids, a couple of folded alcohol pads, a miniature tube of antiseptic cream and a couple of cotton balls.

first aid kit prescription bottle


#5. Use a Tin To Keep your Toilet Paper Dry and Clean

Use a coffee tin to keep your roll of toilet paper from getting wet or dirty.camping hacks toilet paper in tin

Image found on Pintrest

#6. Hang up pots with a belt and hooks

Use a belt and hooks to hang pots and utensils off a tree or pole when camping.

belt and hooks

Image found on Pinterest

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#7. Use Foam Floor Tiles for the Tent Floor

Buy sets of foam interlocking floor tiles to put down on the tent floor, they will add a bit of padding to sleep on top of.

playmat Available on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

#8. Use a Shoe Organiser for Cooking Bits

Hang a Shoe Organiser to put all the cutlery and bits for the kitchen at your cooking space.

Fold it up when you are packing up to save having to unpack and repack it.

shoe organiser for camping


#9. Make a Lantern out of a Headlamp and Gallon Jug of Water

Stretch the band of a headlamp around a gallon jug of water and face the light inwards, the water will diffuse the light and shine it out again.

camping lantern


#10. Give the Kids Scavenger Hunts

Hand the kids scavenger hunts to have a go at while you get the camp set up, it will help keep them amused and out of your way.

Here are 10 Mega Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids and 50 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids Checklist

Finally, we love this family camping infographic from Fix.com

Double Duty Camping Items
Source: Fix.com

Over to you now. Do you have a great camping tip? Share it with us in the comments below.

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