16 Spooky Halloween Party Food Ideas for a Scary Feast

Kellie Kearney

October 1, 2021

Halloween party food - dracula dentures Delish

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We love a good scare at Halloween, and making your Halloween party food a little eerie is a fun way to entertain your guests! Take a look at these 16 spooky Halloween party food ideas for a scary feast, which include everything from Silly Apple Bites to delicious Witch Brownies.

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Hosting a Halloween party means you are going to want to be creative with everything from the costumes to the decorations and, of course, the food. Kids and adults will love these spooktacular snack ideas to shake up your Halloween party!

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Frighteningly Good Halloween Party Food

#1. Floating Eyeball Jello Shots

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Sugarhero

Well, aren’t these eye-catching…(get it?)

Using white grape juice and ginger ale they are alcohol-free of course, it is a kids’ party after all. This little floating eyeball jello dessert from Sugar Hero will go down an absolute treat and you can be guaranteed they will be begging for them at next year’s Halloween party.

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#2. Silly Apple Bites

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Fork and Beans

These little apple bites are silly, extremely easy and a little less guilt-inducing than many of the other Halloween party food options.

This simple snack idea from Fork and Beans will take minutes to prepare, but will be one of those Halloween party foods they talk about again and again.

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#3. Sausage Mummies

creative lunchbox ideas sausage roll mummies

These sizzling sausage mummies are a great savoury choice to counteract all the sweet treats the kids will be hounding you for. Pastry, sausage and some creepy eyes to mummify them – job done!

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#4. Witches’ Broomsticks

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Mommyevolution

These witch broomsticks from Mommyevolution need just three ingredients, and are not only delicious, but a healthier alternative to many other snacks this Halloween.

The kids will love getting hands-on in the kitchen with this one as the Halloween party prep gets under wraps.

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#5. Marshmallow Spiders

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Delish

Apologies in advance if these tasty eight-legged friends creep you out!

These marshmallow spiders from Delish are a must-have for your Halloween menu – the key is just not to eat them while you make them. A hard task, I know!

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#6. Skeleton Gingerbread Men

Not only are these fun to eat, but they would be a great Halloween activity to do during the day. Just bake and cut out your favourite cookie, then let your creativity run wild with skeleton decorating.

Cupcake Jemma shows you how to create these yummy little skeletons!

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#7. Caramel Corn Snack Mix

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Glorious Treats

Why not add this homemade caramel popcorn from Glorious Treats to your Halloween party food plan? Caramel corn is an all-time favourite so you can never go wrong adding this to any party menu.

Truth be told though, once you’ve tasted this very more-ish popcorn, I’m pretty sure this treat will be enjoyed all year round!

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#8. Along Came A Spider

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Pizzazzerie

If black liquorice doesn’t scream Halloween, I don’t know what will!

This super quick Halloween party food idea from Pizzazzerie is one that even toddlers can help out with – although we can’t guarantee if any will actually make it to the serving tray.

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#9. Dracula Dentures

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Delish

Spook up your hallow’s eve party with these little Dracula Denture masterpieces from Delish.

All you need to make these spooky spiders are cookies, marshmallows and some red frosting to create these tasty little dentures. I bet they will be snapped up!

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#10. Strawberry Ghosts

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Candiquik

Strawberries and chocolate, there’s nothing scary about that, right? But Candiquik shows you just how you can transform any simple treat with a few easy steps. Use mini chocolate chips for the eyes and the mouth and you’ll be winning.

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#11. Witch’s Brew Brownies

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Homemade Interest

Too much Halloween candy for the trick or treaters? Here’s a really cool idea from Homemade Interest to get rid of some of those sweets – while at the same time creating the centrepiece of your spooktacular Halloween party.

Add some edible eyes once out of the oven to add some extra spook, and both adults and kids will definitely dig right in!

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#12. Monster Cakes

Halloween party food ideas

Image: The Happier Homemaker

These super adorable little Rice Krispie monster treats from The Happier Homemaker will be ready in no time at all. Just mix marshmallows and melted butter with some Rice Krispies to create your own little monsters. A great idea if you’re planning a monster-themed birthday party too.

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#13. Scary-Simple Meringue Bones

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Good Housekeeping

There are no bones about it, these scary-simple meringue bones we found in Good Housekeeping are a fantastic addition to your Halloween party. A quick, easy and light snack that will take minutes to create.

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#14. Meatball Mummies

Halloween party food ideas

Image: High Heels and Grills

Be afraid. Be very afraid… of how your guests will eat an entire plate of meatball mummies in one small sitting! High Heels and Grills shows you how to create these monster meatballs that might just become a regular dinnertime treat!

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#15. Worm Ice-Cubes

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Brit.co

They are gross, they are gooey, they are creeping me out just looking at them – which means they are PERFECT!
Add these creepy gummy worm ice cubes from Brit to juice or a cauldron of punch for a really spooky way to add some fun to your Halloween party.

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#16. Zombie Boogers

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Paper and Parcel

We left the grossest to last. How yucky does this green-coated candy popcorn aka zombie boogers by Paper and Parcel look? Pretty sure the ‘ick’ factor will mean that the kids will love them!

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So there you have it – 16 delicious Halloween party food ideas to help you on your way to an awesome spooktacular Halloween bash! Happy Haunting…

16 Spooky Halloween Party Food Ideas for a Scary Feast - Mykidstime

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