No Sandwich Lunch Box Ideas For Kids Who Just Don’t Like Sandwiches

Jill Holtz

October 13, 2019

Simple pasta salad kids lunch

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Do sandwiches come back uneaten in your child’s lunchbox at the end of the school day? If your child isn’t a big sandwich fan, it can be tricky coming up with alternative ideas. Take a look at these no sandwich lunch box ideas for kids for some inspiration.

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There’s really nothing more annoying or frustrating than when you pack a lunch for your child only to unpack it that afternoon half eaten. If your child just isn’t fond of sandwiches, then try some of these no sandwich lunchbox ideas for a change. You could also try to get them involved in helping to pack their box, it’ll make them more likely to eat it!

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No Sandwich Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

Hummus and Veggies

Easy Snack Cracker Toppings Hummus

Put some hummus in a small tub and then add a selection of veggies that your child likes along with some pita bread or crackers. Good veggies to dip include:

  • carrot sticks
  • cucumber sticks
  • snap peas
  • celery sticks
  • red and yellow pepper slices
  • cherry tomatoes

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Mini Porridge Pancakes

:azy Porridge Pancakes

The beauty of these lazy porridge pancakes is you can make up the pancake batter the night before. In fact, fermenting the batter overnight really adds to the flavour.

Make some petite pancakes to fit into lunchbox compartments. You could also grate in some veggies or cheese into the batter for a savoury version.

Tasty Cheese and Chive Scones

cheese and chive scones

For a change from your standard fruit scone, why not try these tasty cheese and chive scones? Get your child to help you make them and they’ll enjoy cutting them out.

Ham and Cheese Muffins

savoury muffins

These savoury ham and cheese muffins make a good alternative to sandwiches for lunchboxes. You can also adjust the seasonings to your children’s tastes, leaving out any of the flavours they don’t like or using a mild cheddar instead of a mature one.

Cucumber with Filling

Ever thought of using cucumber instead of bread for a fun no-bread sandwich? One of our readers also suggested using peppers instead of a cucumber or use a lettuce leaf (Little Gem works best) as a filling holder. Michelle’s recipe uses tuna mayo, but you could also make it with

  • Ham with cream cheese or hummus
  • Smoked salmon with cream cheese and lemon
  • Cooked chicken shredded with mayonnaise and spring onion or stuffing
  • Smoked fish paté
  • Egg mayonnaise

Potato Salad

Portable Potato Salad

Make this delicious portable potato salad. The key is to put the dressing in the bottom of the box or jar before filling it and to layer it with the meat at the bottom, then the vegetables on top.

Homemade Pot Noodle

Pot noodle

Another recipe to make in a little jar is homemade pot noodle. This version by mum Caitriona is far more nutritious than shop-bought pot noodles – there is less salt in it and the fresh vegetables add a real crunch.

Pizza Slice

cheap dinner ideas

Pizza is actually fine served cold the next day, so save a slice to pop into your child’s lunchbox. You could also make a Tortilla Pizza with tortilla wrap, tomato sauce and some cheese:

  • Spread a tablespoon of your sauce onto the tortilla.
  • Sprinkle a layer of cheese on top.
  • Bake in a hot oven until the cheese is melted, about 3-5 minutes depending on your oven.

Simple Pasta Salad

Simple pasta salad kids lunch

Just cook up your child’s favourite pasta and then add some other ingredients, e.g. tuna, cheese, pepper, olives, or whatever your child likes. If using frozen peas or sweetcorn you can add these to the pasta water two minutes before the end of the cooking time.

Homemade Sausage Rolls

Homemade apple & lemon thyme sausage rolls © Wholesome Ireland

These homemade sausage rolls are handy for lunchboxes as kids can grab with their hand and eat without cutlery. You can also “hide” some fruit or veg in the sausage mixture by grating in an apple or carrot to the mixture.

And if you are reading this near Halloween, try out these Sausage Roll Mummies!

creative lunchbox ideas sausage roll mummies

Rice and Chicken

This is a good way to use up chicken leftovers from the Sunday roast. Fry an onion and any veggies your child enjoys then add 1/2 cup of rice, some stock and some shredded chicken. Cook over a low heat stirring occasionally until the stock is absorbed and the rice cooked. Cool and put into a tub for their lunchbox.

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Lots of Little Nibbles

If you have a good selection of tiny tubs or compartments in your child’s lunchbox just put a selection of nibbles for them to graze on over lunch. Obviously tailor to their tastes but here are some ideas:

  • apple slices
  • orange segments
  • strawberries
  • grapes
  • mini crackers
  • mini pretzels
  • cubes of cheese
  • slices of pepperoni
  • ham slices rolled up
  • olives

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