Home Made Pizzas

Jill Holtz

November 11, 2011

making pizza

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Kids love cooking and what better to make than Home Made Pizzas where everyone can choose their own toppings.  Leon, mum of 3, shares her experience of making pizzas with the kids.

My kids love baking & doing anything that involves making a giant mess, so yesterday we put them to work and made some yummy Homemade Pizzas! Here’s the pizza recipe.So off we went to get our ingredients before we got going – Semolina flour we discovered is just called Semolina in the shop and is a yellowish powder.

makingpizza1I measured everything into bowls, the kids took turns adding all the ingredients together & then I took over to mix them all together as the dough was quite tough. We left it 5 minutes to rest & had fun scattering some flour on the table for the fun part!

I doubled the mixture so we had plenty for everyone to have their own piece of dough. They had great fun kneading, punching, pulling and throwing it around for about 10 minutes.

Then onto a baking tray, covered by a tea towl and left it on a chair beside the pre-heating over for half an hour.

makingpizza2While the dough was rising we got busy preapring the toppings. There are so many great pizza toppings:

  • chopped ham,
  • tinned sweetcorn,
  • tinned pineapple chunks,
  • chopped mushrooms,
  • halved baby tomatoes,
  • chopped peppers,
  • sliced cooked chicken,
  • sliced cooked sausages…
  • and of course grated cheese!

A tip from another mum was to use a jar of Passata (pressed tomatoes) instead of making the sauce & this was what we did.

Into a bowl we put the passata and added some Basil & Oregano. You can pick it up fresh in the fruit & veg shop or the supermarket but dried herbs will do just as nicely.

makingpizza3The 30 minutes waiting time was quite long for the kids so perfect chance to get their homework done!

With the oven preheated, the toppings ready in bowls and the dough nicely risen we scattered more flour on the table.

Everyone took their piece of dough and got to work pulling and stretching it out into lovely round-ish pizzas.

There were a few holes pulled in but they were quickly patched up.

They had great fun doing this and even tried tossing it back and forth a bit.

When they were ready we popped them onto floured baking trays & they had great fun spooning on the tomato sauce and then scattering on whichever toppings they wanted.

makingpizza5They only took 7-8 mins in a really hot oven and were absolutely delicious!

We had great fun tasting everyone’s pizzas which were all the best of course!

I don’t think I will every buy frozen pizzas again!

makingpizza5Next time might I would probably have the dough and toppings ready before hand and just let them stretch it out & add the toppings.

The whole process does take a good bit of time & they got a little bored waiting the half-hour for the dough to rise (handy to get them to do their homework quickly though!)

makingpizza6They all gave the experience & taste a full 10/10 and can’t wait to try it again next week :)

Have fun making these with your kids & don’t forget to share your tips/experiences/topping ideas/photos!

Here’s the recipe again!

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Have you tried making home made pizzas with your child?  Tell us about it in the comments below.

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