7 Fun Ways to Grow Cress that Kids Will Love


March 19, 2019

Grow your own cress dinosaur innocent drinks

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Are you looking to introduce your child to growing their own? Maybe you want them to gain an understanding of where food comes from? Cress is one of the quickest and easiest plants to grow, so here are 7 fun ways to grow cress that kids will love.

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Children love to experiment, get mucky and impress their friends. And they are much more likely to enjoy trying out new fruit, vegetables and herbs if they grow it themselves.

The great thing about cress is it can be grown on a windowsill, in a garden or pretty much anywhere!

We have picked 7 fun cress ideas that will grow quickly enough to hold the interest of even the youngest gardener and that don’t require lots of space to complete. Your child will gain an understanding of the science behind food and growing your own encourages more healthy eating habits.

7 Fun Ways To Grow Cress That Kids Will Love

#1. Grow Your Own Initials in Cress

grow your own initials in cress

How impressive would it be to grow your name and eat it? Well with cress it is a simple project that can be done any time of the year. And best of all it only takes about a week for your name to magically appear and for the cress to be long enough to add to your favourite salad, egg sandwiches or in a tasty sandwich!

#2. Grow Your Own Cress Bunny

grow your own cress bunny from look what i made

Image courtesy of look-what-i-made

How cute is this cress bunny from look-what-i-made? It is made using a cardboard tube, cotton wool pads and cress seeds. Find out how to make your very own cress bunny which will be ready in time for Easter!

#3. Grow Your Own Cress Head

Innocent cress head ideas to introduce your child to grow your own

Check out how you can easily grow your own cress head on your windowsill or in your garden with just a few simple steps.

When your cress head grows, you can even trim it and eat the ‘hair’ as part of a salad or in a sandwich. We are partial to an egg and cress sandwich in our house!

Once your cress head has grown, innocent would love to see it! So take a photo and post it on social using @innocentireland or send it to howaya@innocentdrinks.ie.

#4. Grow Your Own Cress Lamb

grow your own cress-cotton-wool-lamb from gardening with children blog

Image courtesy of Gardening With Kids

If spring lambs are more your style, this is simple project from the Gardening With Kids blog will be a big hit. Your lamb can be grown anywhere you like and would be a fun project for a party or a for a class to undertake.

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#5. Grow Your Own Cress World Map

Countries-sensory-play grow your own cress map from adventures and play

Image courtesy of Adventures and Play

From the wilds of Africa to the icy plains of the Arctic, this fun project to grow your own cress map can be as large or small scale as you want. Find out how to make your own cress world map on adventures and play.

#6. Create a Cress Time Lapse Project

If your child is usually more interested in growing their score in the latest game than grow your own, how about getting them to create a cool time lapse video using one of the cress ideas above? They can wow their friends with their growing and editing skills at the same time.

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#7. Grow Your Own Cress Dinosaur

Grow your own cress dinosaur innocent drinks

We love this funky dinosaur made using some empty innocent smoothie cartons, soil, water and cress seeds. Quick, easy and impressive!

Over to you now? Has your child had a go at growing cress? Or do you have any more ideas to grow cress that we could try? Please share them with us in the comments box below. 

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