20 Kids Easter Treats that Are Actually Good for Them


February 22, 2016

20 kids Easter treats that are good for them - Mykidstime

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Easter tends to be a sugar-filled rush for kids, so it’s nice to try and offer them healthier alternatives too (even if is just in between all that chocolate!). From creative and fun fruity displays, to sugar-free cookies and bunny eggs, here are 20 Kids Easter Treats That Are Actually Good for Them.

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Who knew Easter treats could be cute and healthy at the same time? We love these healthier options that take away some of the guilt the chocolate season can inflict!

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Healthy Easter Treats

#1. Pineapple Bunny

Pineapple Easter bunnyDisplay your sliced pineapple this Easter to look like a bunny, and affix your blueberry eyes with toothpicks – clever and simple! Definitely going to try this one for Easter.

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#2. Easter Bunny Face

Easter bunny faceAgain using pineapple and berries, Worth Pinning shows you how to create this fun Easter bunny face fruit platter, which would be perfect for Easter breakfast, Easter dessert or indeed, any party table.

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#3. Boiled Egg Chicks

chickie eggsThis is a really simple lunch or breakfast recipe to transform the humble boiled egg into chickie eggs with just sesame seeds and a carrot! Thanks to Just Jenn Recipes for the great idea.

#4. Egg Fruit Pizza

egg fruit platterWhat a fun idea from Sugar Hero to create an egg-shaped fruit pizza for a yummy Easter treat or dessert. You could even replace the frosting with yoghurt for a healthier dish.

#5. Hummus & Carrot Pots

Baby-Carrots-Fresh-HummusWe’re all for clever displays to get the kids eating fruit and veg, and this is such a cute way from Handmade in the Heartland to get your kids eating their veggie sticks.

Pop some hummus into miniature terracotta pots and stick some mini carrots on top.

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#6. Easter Egg Pizza

Easter egg pizzaThrill the kids this Easter with this pizza decorating idea from Hungry Happenings. This recipe is for veggie pizza, but you can use any combination of vegetables / toppings that appeal to your kids on the pizza.

#7. Cinnamon Bunny Cookies

gluten-free-vegan-refined-sugar-free-cinnamon-bunny-cookiesThese Cinnamon Bunny Cookies from Unconventional Baker are vegan, and gluten- and sugar-free, so make a healthier alternative to all the Easter chocolate. A bunny-shaped cookie cutter will make these easier to create.

#8. Bunny Eggs

Bunny Egg DishHow cute is this idea from Worth Pinning, which transforms scrambled eggs into an Easter surprise, using some bacon and cream cheese?!

#9. Easter Fruit & Veggie Cups

easterfruit and veggie cupsWe reckon the kids will polish off their fruit and veg in no time with this clever and easy idea from Simple as That to display the kids fruit and veggie sticks in some cute Easter-themed cups. If you’re hosting an Easter party, why not let the kids make and decorate their own?

#10. Healthy Vegetable Bouquet

Easy-Vegetable-Flowers-BouquetThis Healthy Vegetable Bouquet from Eats Amazing would make a fun and healthy addition to any Easter table.

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#11. Healthy Oatmeal Peanut Butter Eggs

Peanut-butter-easter-eggs3-1-of-1-800x536For something healthy but with all the fun of Easter, try these healthy Oatmeal Peanut Butter Eggs from Savvy Naturlista. Use plastic eggs to form your egg shapes, or if you don’t have any of those, just roll and shape by hand.

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#12. Easter Fruit Baskets

easter fruit basketUse hollowed out cantaloupe or small watermelons, and fill with a selection of fruit to make these healthy Easter baskets.

#13. Frozen Easter Treats

frozen-easter-treats-for-kids-Blend some fruit and yoghurt and pop into egg moulds, like No Time for Flashcards has done, for healthy frozen Easter treats that the kids will love.

#14. Easter Bunny Quesedillas

Easter-Bunny-Quesadilla-DinnerFor a healthy, savoury Easter treat or lunch idea that your kids will love, prepare these super-easy Easter Bunny Quesedillas from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons. Clean plates guaranteed!

#15. Healthy Easter Bunny Snack

Easter bunny snackMake a Healthy Easter Bunny Snack like this from The Prime Pursuit using fruit, veg sticks, cheese and some almonds.

#16. Bunny Hop Nibble Tray

Bento BunnyHop-NibbleTrayIf you’ve a little time on your hands, why not whip up Bent On Better Lunches‘ fun Bunny Hop Nibble Tray, for an Easter snack or lunch, that your kids will polish off.

#17. Pear & Mango Chick

pear and mango chickHow cute is this little Pear & Mango Chick from Little Cook Food & Fun, simply made with a bit of clever peeling and assembly?! This would make a fun Easter dessert for kids and adults.

#18. Baby Bird Eggs

Baby-Bird-Eggs-in-a-Hash-Brown-NestThese Baby Bird Eggs in Hash Brown Baskets from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons, would make a tasty Easter brunch or snack idea for the kids.

#19. Easter Bunny Pancakes

easter brunch recipesMake pancakes of different sized circles and 2 ear shapes, then all you need is some whippy cream, 2 banana slices, some chocolate drops/raisins and some strawberries for decoration.

#20. Babybel Bunnies

babybel-bunnies2lqWith some babybels, carrots, celery and some clever styling, you can make these oh-so-cute Babybel Bunnies from Blessed Beyond Crazy for an Easter snack or party.

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What are your favourite healthy Easter treats? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

20 kids Easter treats that are good for them - Mykidstime

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