12 of the Best Star Wars Party Food Ideas – They’re Out of This World!


December 17, 2020

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Whether you’re catering for a party, looking for some ways to make lunches more interesting, or getting ready to celebrate May the Fourth, you’re sure to keep your little padawans happy with these fun and easy Star Wars party food ideas!

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From Chewbacca bites to Princess Leia’s iconic buns and even edible lightsabers, these savoury and sweet Star Wars party food ideas are sure to be popular.

Keeping it simple is the best idea, and these meal and snack ideas are all easily made at home. May the Force be with you!

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Star Wars Party Food Ideas

Princess Leia Buns

Princess Leia Buns for Star Wars party food

Image: Sumopocky

Princess Leia’s iconic hair can be immortalised with…cinnamon buns! This presentation from Sumopocky is incredible!

While these aren’t a quick option to make, the process is simple and actually quite therapeutic!

Star Wars Tartlets

Star Wars tartlets for Star Wars party food

Image: Coffee and Crumpets

These Star Wars tartlets from Coffee and Crumpets and would be ideal at any party – or just for a weekend snack.

While these are currently like a homemade Pop Tart with a delicious jam filling, you could change this up for a chocolate filling, or even a savoury option (ham and cheese, perhaps).

Chewbacca Bites

Chewbacca bites for star wars party food

Image: Momtastic

These Chewbacca Bites from Momtastic are a tasty treat. To make, dip marshmallows in melted caramel and roll in Cocoa Krispies.

Princess Leia Cupcakes

Princess-Leia-Cupcake (1)

Image: Paintbrushes and Popsicles

Simple buttercream and some Oreos do all the work on these Princess Leia cupcakes from Paintbrushes and Popsicles. Aren’t they cute?

Stormtrooper Marshmallows

A very simple but effective idea from Catch My Party! Using large marshmallows and an edible black pen – then all you need is a steady hand to make your own fleet of Stormtroopers!

Wookie Cookies

wookie cookies for star wars party food

Image: Rosanna Pansino

Use a standard gingerbread cutter to make “chewy” wookie cookies like these ones from Rosanna Pansino! Create a hair effect with a fork, then add a chocolate sash and detailing once cooled.

Fruity Lightsabers

Star Wars fruit lightsabers

Image: Eats Amazing

Simple is often the most effective! We love these fruit lightsabers from Eats Amazing that are bound to be popular on the party table.

You could use raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, melon balls, blueberries or grapes for these fruit lightsabers. However, it is important to remember that whole grapes are not suitable for young children and should be halved or quartered before serving.

Lightsaber Pretzels

star-wars-lightsaber-pretzels1 (1)

Image: Two Sisters Crafting

Another great idea are these pretzel lightsabers dipped in candy melts from Two Sisters Crafting.

Candy melts are widely available and come in a whole rainbow of colours so you can create your own lightsabers.

Jabba the Hummus

Jabba the hummus for star wars party food

Image: Asda Good Living

Serve your Jabba the hummus with a selection of chopped vegetables, tortilla chips or pitta chips. The best bit is that your Jabba doesn’t need to be perfect!

You could do a guacamole Yoda too!

Darth Vader Pizza

Darth Vader pizza for star wars party food

Image: Rama Hughes on Flickr

Transform your party pizza into an epic Star Wars showstopper! Use sliced black olives to create Darth Vader on the pizza.

Alternatively, you could use sliced mushrooms or mozzarella to create a storm trooper, or spinach leaves and green pepper strips for Yoda.

Carbonite Jello

Star wars party food

Image: Short Stop Blog

This brilliantly simple idea for Carbonite Jello from Short Stop Blog is bound to make the kids giggle! Make up a tray of blue Jello and submerge a Hans Solo figurine – that’s it!

Yoda Soda

Yoda soda for Star Wars party food

Image: Hi Cookery

Lime sherbet and Sprite combine to create this really fun Yoda Soda from Hi Cookery. These ice cream floats would make the perfect dessert to end your Star Wars feast!

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