Family Reviews: Tappity – The Educational Science App For Kids


September 30, 2020

tappity app

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Imagine if your child could tell Bill Nye the Science Guy what he should do next in his science experiment—and he actually does it! That’s what Tappity is all about: learning by participation. With Tappity’s interactive shows, kids engage with live-action characters who magically respond to them in real time. It’s the perfect antidote to the mind-numbing world of YouTube. We asked two families to try out the app and report back. Read on to find out what our family reviewers thought.

What is Tappity?

Currently the #1 science app for kids, Tappity covers over 100 science topics in its library—more than enough for the most curious young scientist! Plus, new content is added every week.

At the heart of each topic is Haley, your child’s fearless science guide. Together with her team, kids embark on science adventures together. As they tackle one challenge after another, she introduces foundational science concepts with kid-friendly explanations, games, activities, and endless encouragement.

And when a lesson is complete, Tappity sends you an email update containing discussion questions based on everything your child has learned and accomplished.

With content that’s teacher-approved and aligned with the latest science standards, Tappity makes learning at home fun, exciting, and engaging!

Download it on the App Store and try out over 30 lessons for free! To unlock the rest, subscribe through this special MyKidsTime link and get 33% off.

We asked 2 families with children aged 7 & 8, to try out the Tappity app for us and give feedback on navigation, ease of use and content from both the child and the parent perspective. Read on to find out what our family reviewers thought of Tappity app.

Family Review of Tappity App

family review of Tappity

How Easy Did You Find It To Install And Use?

Mum of 7 year old – “The app was very easy to install and navigate. I was reassured that there were no ads or the ability for my child to make purchases!”

Mum of 8 year old – “I found Tappity simple to install and very easy to navigate around”.

How Easy Did Your Child Find It To Use?

Mum of 7 year old – “She found the app easy to navigate around and use. Said it was lots of fun & she loved exploring it”.

Mum of 8 year old – “She thought the Tappity App was very easy to use”.

What Did Your Child Like/Not Like About Tappity App?

Mum of 7 year old – “She absolutely loved the Tappity App. She said it made her feel very grown up the way the presenter ‘phones you ‘ with updates. The app was very easy for her to navigate and she absolutely loved the features like photographing herself as a skeleton.

Mum of 8 year old – ” Her favourite bits were the videos and experiments. She found the app fun and a great way to learn more about science”.

review of tappity app

Would You Recommend Tappity App To Other Parents?

Mum of 7 year old – “As a parent I loved getting updates of her progress and the content was fun, informative and age appropriate. It is definitely an app I’d be happy for my daughter to spend time on and would recommend it to other parents”.

Mum of 8 year old – “A brilliant app with fun interactive games about science. It’s a great way for children to learn while having fun. I think parents will love it and we’d highly recommend it to our friends”.

Give Us Your Score Out Of 5 For Tappity App

Mum & 7 year old – 5 out of 5

Mum & 8 year old – 5 out of 5

If you like the sound of this fun science education app, then you can download it for iOS here – Be sure to avail of the special Mykidstime discount code. And if you’d like to be notified of the arrival of the Android & Web versions you can do that here.

Have your say! After our family review of Tappity has your child downloaded and tried it? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments box below.

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