20 of the Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers


September 16, 2019

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Are you looking for educational apps for young kids? There are so many apps for preschoolers to choose from, but how can you be sure they are any good? Here are 20 of the best educational apps for preschoolers, recommended by Mykidstime parents, that will entertain and educate your little ones.

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The Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers

#1. GS Preschool Games


GS Preschool Games provides 20 colourful and engaging kids games designed to cover preschool basics, and includes games in Numbers, Alphabets, Shapes, Sizes and Colours.

The games encourage kids to play at their own pace. No winning and no losing keep the kid enchanted with the experience of the game. Rewards and appreciation (lovely stickers) earned at the end of each game boost the kids morale. Suited for 3-6 yrs.

Available for iOS and Android

#2. PBS Parents Play & Learn

pbs play and learn app

This app is designed specifically for parents, but there are interactive games for the kids to enjoy. PBS Parents Play & Learn provides more than a dozen games parents can play with their kids, each themed around a familiar location – including at the grocery store, at home, in the kitchen, and many more.

The app is designed to build on a child’s natural curiosity about his or her everyday world and to encourage dialogue between kids and parents.

Available for iOS

#3. Farm 123


Kids will love learning to count as they help Farmer Jo around the farm in this magical pop-up book and game. They’ll have fun playing with cheeky farm animals: chasing them, putting them in the pen and giving them a good wash!

Professionally designed for toddlers and preschoolers, Farm 123 pays special attention to learning reinforcement through the introduction of gentry progressive games that help children cement their grasp of the numbers 1-10 and the core concept of sorting.

Available for iOSand Android

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#4. Starfall Education Apps


The Starfall education apps are all worth considering(with apps for older kids too), but the Starfall Numbers and Starfall ABC apps are best suited for preschoolers.

In the Starfall Numbers app, your child will learn to recognize number symbols and values by connecting them to real-world objects (such as 1 sun, 5 fingers, and 10 toes), and can then apply these concepts with counting games!

With the Starfall ABCs app, children learn to recognise letters and develop skills that will ensure they become confident leaders. All children, and especially English language learners, benefit.

Starfall Numbers is available for iOS and Android

Starfall ABCs is available for iOS and Android

#5. AniMatch – Animal Pairs & Sound Matching Game


With its super-cute animal graphics and funny animal sounds, AniMatch is perfect for kids, but loved and played by grown-ups as well, who often get it for their kids and then end up playing it themselves!

AniMatch will keep your kids educationally entertained, all the while developing their concentration, memory, and cognitive skills, and teaching them what sounds animals make. There are no complicated menus, making it perfect for all ages.

“My 3yr old son adores playing AniMatch. He thinks the funny animal sounds are hilarious!” – Janet

Available for iOS

#6. Funbrain Jr.


Funbrain Jr. is a collection of unique and vibrant games for preschoolers and kindergarteners that helps jumpstart their journey of learning.

Offering five separate fun and engaging games, Funbrain Jr. introduces little learners to several important skills while they play.

With the help of colourful and quirky Funbrain Jr. characters, preschoolers will love practicing skills in early literacy, math, and problem solving.

Available for iOS

#7. Memory Match & Learn

memory match and learn app

The Memory Match & Learn app has a comprehensive preschool activity of memory matching games.

With over 130 colourful, vivid items in 7 major preschool categories including Colours & Shapes, Nature, Numbers & Fruits, your child can improve their concentration, memory and motor skills.

Available for iOS

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#8. Fisher Price Apps


The Fisher Price range of apps for babies and toddlers, encourage learning through play – kids can learn their ABCs, Numbers, Shapes, Colours, Animal Sounds & Storybook Rhymes.

In Storybook Rhymes (Vol 1), there are dynamic characters, engaging music, songs, animations and two great classic stories: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe and Itsy Bitsy Spider. There are 2 modes of play – Sing to Me is for younger baby, where narrator signs stories, and any touch advances content, and Read & Learn is for toddlers, where the narrator reads the stories and the interactive touch points reveal additional animated content.

Available for iOS and Android

#9. Learning Games – Play & Create

learning games play and create app

The Learning Games app consists of 6 adorable educational games addressing various topics such as musical instruments, colouring, shapes and colours, puzzle, farming.

It can help kids understand the world, improve their memory, judgment and thinking abilities.

Available for iOS

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#10. Toca Town


From the makers of Toca Hair and Toca Food, Toca Town is made for kids as young as 3 yet can capture the imagination of those much older. It’s filled with surprises and exciting things to do – there are no limits, just fun!

Explore Toca Town, buy some groceries, cook at the restaurant, head home – you decide. Kids can use their imaginations to create their own worlds, while discovering the treasures of Toca Town, and interacting with everything.

“My 3 year old loves the Toca Boca apps, especially Toca Town. She loves buying the groceries best of all.” – Sandra

Available for iOS and Android

#11. The Monster At The End of This Book…Starring Grover


The Monster at the End of This Book enhances the classic Sesame Street book with a completely immersive experience that draws children right into the story. Join lovable, furry old Grover as he tries his very hardest to tie down pages and build brick walls— all to keep readers away from the monster at the end of this book.

With interactive play, plus touch-point animation children will ask to read this again and again.

Available for iOS

#12. Breathe, Think Do with Sesame


Best suited for 3-5 yrs, this bilingual (English and Spanish), research-based app helps your child learn Sesame’s “Breathe, Think, Do” strategy for problem-solving. Tap and touch to help the monster friend take deep breaths, think of plans, and try them out!

Your child will enjoy silly animations and playful interactions as she is exposed to important emotional vocabulary, a calm breathing technique, personalised encouragements, and more.

Available for iOS and Android

#13. Beck & Bo


Beck and Bo is a fun educational app that is sure to engage your little kids in a creative way, while helping them build their early vocabulary.

Follow the amazing adventures of Beck and Bo as they go on a train trip with their beloved dog, swim in the ocean with a giant whale, go on safari and run into noisy gorillas, win prizes at the theme park and do a whole lot of exciting activities.

Available for iOS and Android

#14. Splingo’s Language Universe


An exceptionally high-quality, interactive game designed by Speech and Language Therapists/Pathologists to help children learn listening and language skills.

With thousands of different word and sentence possibilities, Splingo the alien’s spoken instructions will guide your child through a galaxy of language learning, helping them practice their listening and language skills. Kids will love helping Splingo build a spaceship and complete the tasks in order to get him home. His hilarious animated responses will capture your child’s imagination.

“My kids, 3 and 5, love Splingo’s Language Universe” – Erin

Available for iOS

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#15. Dr. Panda Hospital


If you have a child who loves the idea of being a vet or doctor, here’s their chance to help Dr. Panda take care of animals at Dr. Panda’s Hospital. Your child will greet different animals in the waiting room, help them to their hospital beds, discover and treat their ailments – all while learning sequencing!

Dr. Panda Hospital is ideal for kids ages 2 – 6 that are naturally curious about basic medical procedures and anatomy.

Available for iOS and Android

16. LEGO® Juniors

lego juniors appThe LEGO® Juniors app is an engaging, creative building game for children ages 4-7, with lots of opportunities to practice creative problem-solving.

With every new LEGO vehicle your child builds, they can cruise around LEGO landscapes as minifigure avatars like mechanics, princesses, pilots – and even LEGO Batman™. The goal is to turn the open landscapes into busy neighbourhoods by unlocking and building virtual houses and decorations.

Available for iOS

#17. LetterSchool

LetterSchool is an educational app designed to help every child play and learn how to write all letters of the English alphabet (from A to Z) and numbers from 1-10. Kids practice and develop essential phonics and handwriting skills as they play three exciting games per letter or number – as an extra, they learn words associated with the letters.

Available for iOS and Android

#18. LEGO® DUPLO® World

lego duplo world appLEGO DUPLO WORLD is full of fun games for toddlers and juniors. Your child can explore each scene to find out what’s in it, discover how everything works and—of course—play with it. Children also get to build structures using 3D bricks, stimulating their creativity.

LEGO DUPLO WORLD is carefully aligned with the highly-regarded Headstart Early Learning Outcomes Framework to ensure it’s age-appropriate and meets the developmental needs of 2-5-year-olds. Each activity targets key learning goals for toddlers and preschool kids. In the Parent Center, you can read about the learning benefits of each activity.

Available for iOS and Android

#19. The Lonely Beast ABC


The Lonely Beast ABC is an alphabet adventure from the world of Chris Judge’s much loved children’s book, The Lonely Beast. It’s got easy, no-fuss controls, simple interactions and lots of funny stuff to keep your little one giggling while they learn.

If you’re a fan of Chris Judge’s books, then you and your little one will love this app.

Available for iOS

#20. Math Superheroes

math superheroes appMath Superheroes is an award winning app that will teach your children math skills while they play games. There are six different topics:

  • Understanding Numbers
  • Counting / Ordering
  • Patterns & Sequences
  • Adding & Subtracting
  • Multiplying & Dividing
  • Shapes & Symmetry.

The app contains thirty original games with funny and colourful graphics, as well as tutorials and help to guide your child.

Available for iOS

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Have your say! Have you tried any of these educational apps for preschoolers? Do you have any others to recommend? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

20 Of The Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers

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