Coding For Kids: Boost Your Coding Skills With These Brilliant Resources

Emily Manning

May 14, 2020

Coding for kids - Mykidstime

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Whether your child is a complete novice or looking to move on to more challenging programming, these websites, games and courses deliver coding for kids in an accessible way. Now you can transform screen time into something productive and educational with these brilliant resources to help boost your coding skills!

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Coding for kids, or beginners of any age, helps to develop problem-solving skills, encourage creativity and logical abilities.

In addition, while your child learns through games and challenges, they are also equipping themselves with skills and a foundation that will help in numerous future career paths.

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Don’t miss our round-up of over 100+ educational (and fun!) online learning resources for kids!


Coding For Kids: Let’s Get Started offers numerous free courses for children from preschooler age upwards. From designing a game and computer drawing to building a working app or website, there is lots to choose from for all ages.

Tutorials, videos and fun games all help children engage with the courses – in fact, more than 82 million projects have been created on!

Hour of Code

Hour of code in coding for kids

If you don’t have time for a full course or just want a quick coding break, there are dozens of hour-long activities to choose from on Hour of Code.

Take your pick from Dance Party, Minecraft, or character favourites from Disney, Harry Potter, Barbie, Star Wars, and lots more. You could even create your own Google logo!

Initially started as a way to offer an introduction to computer science and encourage children to take part, Hour of Code is now a global initiative with partners including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Disney and hundreds more around the world.

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Scratch is a programming language and an online community where children can program and share interactive media such as stories, games, and animation with people from all over the world.

As children create with Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically.

While Scratch is aimed at children 8-16, it can be valuable for all ages. Younger children, however, may prefer to try the simplified version ScratchJr first.


The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award, known as iDEA, is an international programme that helps you develop digital, enterprise and employability skills for free.

Through a series of online challenges, you can win career-enhancing badges, unlock new opportunities and, ultimately, gain industry-recognised Awards that help you stand out from the crowd.

Badges can be achieved in coding, social media, e-safety, virtual reality, blockchain, research and more. Each badge is an interactive online module – the more badges you get, the more points you get towards a bronze, silver or gold award.

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codeSpark Academy

Interactive puzzles from codeSpark Academy teach little learners the basics of computer science. Once your mini coders master the puzzles, they can create games of their own.

With new puzzles and games added every month, kids as young as four can develop 21st century skills that will help boost their performance in all subjects.

Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft: Education Edition is a game-based learning platform that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive digital environment.

Through project-based lessons, students build critical 21st century skills like collaboration, creative problem solving and digital citizenship.

During school closures, Microsoft and Mojang have released 10 free Minecraft Education lessons until June 30th 2020. You can download them now from the Minecraft Marketplace via the new Education category. These include a replica of the International Space Station, Greek history, a robot-run coding course, a tour of famous Washington D.C. landmarks, marine biology, and more.

EduCode Academy

On EduCode Academy, video micro-lessons break down complex computer science concepts like JavaScript or HTML into fun and engaging exercises. Rich storylines provide context and motivation throughout the learning journey.


With Blocksmith, students can learn about 3D modelling, animations and programming, before starting with advanced programs like Unity3D and Unreal.

Blocksmith does not require special equipment, and can run on regular home computers (Windows PC, Mac and Chromebook). Get one month free to create 3D games and experiences.

Khan Academy

As a non-profit, Khan Academy offers a free world-class education through practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalised learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace.

In addition to computer programming, other subjects covered include math, science, history, art history, economics, and more.

Khan Academy has also partnered with institutions like NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to offer specialised content.

Code Combat

CodeCombat - coding for kids

CodeCombat is a game that teaches programming to learners as young as six. Using typed commands, rather than blocks, players learn to code by playing through levels and quickly mastering programming concepts.

More than 5 million players from around the world play CodeCombat, and together have written more than 1 billion lines of code!

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Tynker has 40+ award-winning block and text-based courses, over 3,700 learning modules, and access to popular coding languages. Meaning there is a suitable learning path for all children, whatever their age or coding skills.

Learn how to mod Minecraft, create apps, control toys, build games, build websites, and learn popular coding languages.

Code Avengers

Code Avengers Junior, suitable for 5-16 year olds, helps you to create a future coder at home with fun, easy courses.

Students learn how to logically sequence events, create playable games, and model real situations. They also learn computational thinking by developing algorithmic and design thinking abilities. Once students have a strong grasp of the fundamentals, they can transition to learning programming languages, such as JavaScript and Python and web languages, or build their theoretical knowledge with our Computer Science and Design courses on a Code Avenger PRO account.

Compu b For Kids

Learn how to create a slo-mo video, create a vlog, record an out of this world interview, remix like a DJ, create a kooky animal, time travel with time-lapse, create their own emoji, create a cartoon, and even how to interview an alien! These are just some of the 30 free and creative classes available from Compu b for children learning at home.

Children can also take part in Compu b’s weekly topic-based learning competition to be in with a chance to win some incredible prizes!

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Have your say! Has your child used any of these coding for kids resources? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Coding for kids - Mykidstime

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