Free Science Apps for Kids Guaranteed to Engage


January 24, 2019

free science apps for kids girl and boy

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Are you looking for fun science-based apps to download for your kids for your iPhone, iPad or smartphone? Here are Free Science Apps For Kids guaranteed to engage your child with science:

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Apps are the perfect way to get your children interacting with and learning about different topics. Here we look at some free science apps, guaranteed to get children learning and understanding science.

Free Science Apps for Kids


tappity appImagine if your child could tell Bill Nye the Science Guy what he should do next in his science experiment—and he actually does it! That’s what Tappity is all about: learning by participation.

Currently the #1 science app for kids, Tappity covers over 100 science topics in its library—more than enough for the most curious young scientist! Plus, new content is added every week.

At the heart of each topic is Haley, your child’s fearless science guide. Together with her team, kids embark on science adventures together. As they tackle one challenge after another, she introduces foundational science concepts with kid-friendly explanations, games, activities, and endless encouragement.

And when a lesson is complete, Tappity sends you an email update containing discussion questions based on everything your child has learned and accomplished.

With content that’s teacher-approved and aligned with the latest science standards, Tappity makes learning at home fun, exciting, and engaging!

Download it on the App Store and try out over 30 lessons for free! To unlock the rest, subscribe through this special MyKidsTime link and get 33% off.

Available for iOS. It is subscription based but you can watch the first 30 lessons for free. To unlock all content, there are paid subscription plans. To unlock the rest, subscribe through this special MyKidsTime link and get 33% off.

Read what our family reviewers thought of Tappity

Little Alchemy

little alchemy appWith Little Alchemy you explore what you can create by mixing simple elements. You start with four basic items and use them to find dinosaurs, unicorns and spaceships!

There are 580 elements and you mix elements to create interesting, fun and surprising items.

Available for iOS and Android

(Once you have exhausted Little Alchemy there’s a version 2 of the app available for iOS and Android.)


STEM Kids appSTEM Kids contains hundreds of articles, videos and pictures to kick start your child’s education in STEM subjects. Kids can read the interesting facts and explanations by themselves or sit down with parents, grandparents or older siblings to learn together.

Explore by topic and watch videos and read fun facts as you go.

Available for Android

DK Quiz

dkquizLove quizzes? Feel like a challenge? Test your knowledge with DK’s Quiz app and play thousands of questions for free.

Mum Naomi said “My daughter found the app a little too hard – she is only 5 – so is probably better suited to older kids, teenagers.

I found it to be an interesting app, and it’s challenging –  I tried some of the quizzes on easy and I struggled! But, I would say it is good to get information and test your knowledge.”

Available for iOS and Android


cargo botCargo-Bot is a puzzle game where you teach a robot to move crates.

Sounds quite simple – but is quite challenging! Essentially – you are writing a programme for the robot to move, using arrows and some additional function keys. There are 5 levels, of play from easy to impossible, and one level of tutorials. It is worth starting with the Tutorials, as shows you ways to write the programmes, as movements required gets more complicated.

Mum Jennifer says “My 8 year old son got through half the tutorials, before they became too complicated. I found I had to sit down with him and we worked on them together. I would say is best suited for older kids/adults or kids who enjoy a basic level of programming. That said is quite addictive once you start! And the background music is very pleasant!”

Available for iPad

3D Brain

3d brainOn the 3D Brain app you can use your touch screen to rotate and zoom around pictures of the brain. It shows you how each brain region functions, what happens when it is injured, and gives you information on the brain works with information on studies and links to read more.

“It’s cool because it’s very visual you can see all the different parts of the brain and it has lots of information. I like how you can move the image around” Jane, aged 12

Available for iPhone, iPad & Android

Earth School

earth_school_appEarth School app teaches young kids about how the universe began in a fun and effective way that is at just the right level for them to understand. Through 7 different mini-games, kids will explore and learn about the big bang, black holes, planet generation, and galaxies. App is intended for 2-6 years.

Sarah said, “My 5 year old really enjoyed it! The 7 free levels and mini-games are beautifully illustrated and learning is taught by simple games, so the kids don’t even realise they are learning!

On iOS, the free version comes with 6 levels in stage 1, with option to purchase full version, with 11 additional levels. My son quickly whizzed through these, so might be best suited for slightly younger kids, or be prepared for purchase of additional levels – would reckon is probably worth it though!”

Available for iOS & Android

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Have you say. If you have a favourite science app that your kids love, let us know in the comments below!

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